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February 28 2015



“Hey what.”
“You awake?”


“Whatcha thinkin’ bout”


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January 20 2015




no but what pisses me off is when parents dont let boys and girls hang out as friends like especially when it comes to sleepovers

like no i dont want his dick in me i want to sit on my floor and throw board game pieces at him when i lose

finally someone said it

The worst is parents who do this to 6 year olds.

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November 26 2014


January 29 2014

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Tina had a dream of us having a sleepover and being attacked by a bully

November 16 2013

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never invited to slumber parties...
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September 21 2012

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September 06 2012

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Sailor Sleepover
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September 01 2011

Slumber Party Brawl

[PART 1]

[After rescuing Mikey Way from Death Gay Valley, our heroes are now settled in Emily The Strange's house of Strange, somewhat staying over for the night.]

Emily: Here's the TV.

Amel: So, what'll it be, guys?

R2, Pete, Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray & Bob: LINKIN PARK! LINKIN PARK! LINKIN PARK! *chanting*

Frank: Hey, Amel, you said you were gonna forgive me after we rescue Mikey!

Amel: Oh, did I? *approaches Frank & chokes him* DIE DIIIIEEEE!!!

Frank: ACK! …dude… *cough cough* PLEASE RELEASE ME!!

Cornelia the spider: Did somebody say "die"? I can handle it! *bites Frank's arm*

Frank: ARGH! What the FU-

Ray: *squishes Corny & punches Amel off Frank* GIT YER BITCHIN HANDS OFF FRANK!

Frank: *coughs* phew… thanks Ray, for saving my butt.

Ray: Next time, try not being so weak.

Frank: Hey! I DID try! She just went nuts all over me!

Ray: God that sounds so wrong. *sigh* alright, I got your back.

[and so it was Amel vs Frank AND Ray]

Amel: *kicks Ray & punches Frank* I lost Torny, now Corny. I'm gonna have my revenge on BOTH OF Y'ALL!

Fatin: Hey I think I lost my taekwondo bamboo staff

Eri: I lost my glasses…

Blade: I lost my mother…

Amel: Seems like everybody lost their stuff huh… well, Blade lost his mom though

Gerard: I lost my lucky boxers

R2: Hey Gee, you forgot? I stole them, remember? *gives back Gerard's boxers*

Ray: And poor Frank lost his toughness, now he's a chicken!

Frank: WHATCHA SAY RAY YOU SHITHEAD? *turns to Amel & chokes her* DIE STRANGE! DIIIIIIIE!!!!

Ray: Whaddaya know, he still got it.



[suddenly the Pink Parade members entered Emily's house, and nobody knows why]

Fatin: Meenyee manyee…

Maria: I lost my cellphone…

Flora: I lost my dandelion bouquet…

Fauna: I lost my unicorn…

Eli: I lost my hairspray…

Amel: *falls down* alright that's it! DIE ALREADY YOU WIMPY-ASS DOG!


R2: Wait, since when did the rest of the Pink Parade got here? and how?

Gerard: Mikey, Bob, call the rest of the Black Parade. Oohoohoo this shall be fun to watch.

[suddenly the rest of the Black Parade appeared, Mother War and all. They were watching the fight]

R2: Nice copycat combat, rocker.

Gerard: Oh no, NO I've been a copycat! I'm a bad bad man, I'm a fuckin HYPOCRITE! NUUUUU!!

[Frank and Amel were still intensely fighting with the Black & Pink parades watching]

Fatin: Do the wushu thing, THE WUSHU THING!

Carrie: I lost my new pink lipgloss…

Delia: I lost my dolly…

Eri: I don't get why Amel and Frank are fighting. What's the cause?

Fatin: It's al because Frank killed Torny

[sometime later R2 got sick of all the fighting for some odd weird reason]

R2: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ENOUGH WITH THE FIGHTING ALREADY!! Pete, bring Torny back to life with your toothfairy magic!

Pete:  It told y'all earlier, tooth fairy magic doesn't work THAT WAY!

Emily: Ughhh ENOUGH OF THAT. I can bring Torny back to life. Amel, give me that dead bat.

[Emily did some strange rituals and successfully resurrects Torny back to life]

Emily: Happy?

Amel: Emily you ROCK! *hugs Torny* I'm glad you're back, and I'm glad YOU got my back.

Frank: *hugs Ray* I'm glad you have my back, Ray.

Amel: Hey, copycat!

Frank: Listen, I'm sorry I killed him by accident. I was gonna aim  at him so he'll lower down so I can ride him and get away from that crazy rabid King Kong back then. So… are we cool?

Amel: … I guess. I don't blame you anymore, Frank, now that you mentioned it was an accident *hugs Frank*

Frank: Hey what the… how did your crazy suddenly go away just like that? Thanks for forgiving me anyway…

Gerard: I'm glad you're safe, bro *hugs Mikey*

Mikey: Ya ya ya…

Fatin: Which one of you is Pete Wentz again? I've heard from someone that Pete Wentz has a big dick hehehe…

Pete: That would be me, I'm the frontman of Fall Out Boy. Wanna see the rest of us? *turns away & calls his bandmates* HEY GUYS! We're having a sleepover!

[Suddenly Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley came out of nowhere]

Patrick: 'sup guys! Hey Gerard, you watched the new Linkin Park video already?

Gerard: Yeah, it was pretty neat… any chance both our bands are gonna tour with them this year?

[Amel was busy in her own fantasyland, twirling around with Torny & chanting "Isaac… I sack, I suck, Isaac sucks! Isaac as Mama!"]

Fatin: Man you're hunky cool *hugs Pete*

Pete: There's more where that came from *drops his pink tutu & reveals his dick to her*

Fatin: EWW! Don't show your junk to me, man! Too gross, TOO GROSS! Even my sister never saw hers!

Pete: Your sister has a dick?!

Fatin: NO! I mean her.. her own junk that's not a dick!

[pretty much up to this point, some of their random friends and some other random bands make a sudden surprising unexpected appearance]

Ana Sharifah: Eh ada kucing banyak poo! poo!poo! poo! Poo on Pete!

Amel: Who invited Ana?

Fatin: I did :P

Carolina D: *at R2* CHOCOOOOO long time no see, amiga!

Constanza Y: Lol!

R2: Denorii? Kuriru? Who invited you guys?!

Mikey: I did. That girl with the red and black scarf over there? Me and Gerard read her comics about us. LOVIN IT!

Carolina: eheh *blush*

R2: Lol Den

Gerard: I've got a Linkin Park DVD, guys. Who wants to watch it?

Everyone: Eh, the hell with it, SURE!!

Ana: Hi hi hi! Hi Gerard, hi Mikey, hi Strangerous, hi Isaac! HI ALL!!!

Isaac D: Yooooo MCR dudes! Hows about my sudden appearance?

Amel: Everyone's making sudden unexpected appearances tonight for some reason.

Frank: *suddenly burst laughing* HA HAHA HAHAHAHAHHAHAH AHAHHAHA!!

Amel: What's so funny?

Frank: His shirt… ahaha it says "mama"! AHAHAHHA MAMA'S BOY!!!

Amel: Honestly his mom didn't make that. Hannah did. With all. her. heart.

Frank: Who's Hannah, his GIRLFRIEND?

Isaac: she's NOT my girlfriend!!

Amel: Dude, you sang Breaking Free with her. You're practically the Troy to her Gabriella.

Isaac: Whatever, it's still none of your business. I don't get why do you even wanna know about it

R2: Dude, she's your friend, she just wants to know… and Frank, why are you crying?

Frank: *wipes eyes* ahahah hah hah… nah, man there's just something in.. my.. eye- OH SHIT- *runs to the bathroom*

Bob: He's the youngest alright

Ray *nods*

Amel: I'm the youngest too

Isaac: Malu, man

Amel: What's so malu about?

Isac: Not talking to you! *sticks out tongue*

Amel: Then who are you talking to, a little limping frog?

Isaac: Nah I just felt like saying malu, man

Ana: Sometimes he just likes annoying people for no reason

Amel: Ah yes, classic Isaac… hey wait, what happened to Frank? He was still ROFLing right here a second ago

R2: He laughed so hard he cried, and ran to the bathroom cuz apparently eyelashes suddenly invaded his eyes.

Mikey: WHOO CRYLAUGHING! Aaaand… I think something's attacking him.

Amel: I think Cornelia's ghost is taking revenge on him. He practically squished her

Carolina: Who's Cornelia?

R2: Amel's pet spider

Amel: She's not just a spider, she's a genetic mix of tarantula and black widow! How badass is she? She's actually sweet though, sometimes biting my fingers for fun. I don't mind at all.

R2 & Carolina: Uh…huh…

Amel: Speaking of Black Widow, it's also the name of my pet owl. I have lots of owls; there's Saphira, Boogerbeak, Zombie-Elf, Dracina, Xena, Drumphreaks…

Isaac: Wow, lots of bird poop

Fatin: Many many many many! Zombie-Elf is so cute, it's so small!

Emily: I like Boogerbeak.

Frank: *runs out from the bathroom* ahhh that's better now.

Mikey: Hey, anyone wanna go to the petting zoo tomorrow? There's gonna be llamas~ *hugs & pets Gerard*

Gerard: What am I, a llama now? I thought I was your brother!

Frank: LOL!

[R2 & Bob started acting like llamas]

Amel: Llama llama llama llamas~ I should bring my owls there too. Saphira and Boogerbeak love other animals

Isaac: *acts like Carl Wheezer* I WANNA TOUCH A LLAMA!

Carolina: heheh llamas

Constanza: I wanna touch a llama too… and maybe get their DNA samples

Mikey: It's confirmed, we're all gonna go… and you two, STOP ACTING LIKE LLAMAS!

[R2 & Bob stopped llama-ing around]

Frank: *to Ray* hey FROdo, your hair's looking pretty good… for LLAMA CHOW!


Gerard: Frodo, as in the hobbit from Lord Of The Rings

Ray: Ironic cuz I'm the tallest in MCR. If anyone of us were to be a hobbit it's Frank himself.

Frank: Yeah but you have their curly hair, and so is Joe over there

Joe: Yeah but I'm the tallest in FOB!

Frank: Why do these fro-heads have to be ELVES instead of hobbits?!

Joe: Treants, more like it

Ray: Settled. Joe and I are treants. Tree people.

Frank: UGH the world is so MEAN to us midgets!

Amel: Haha you're funny *hugs Frank*

Fatin: I'M EXCITED OMG LLAMA LLAMA LLAMA hey Mikey I'm coming right? PLEEEASE can I come? I'm coming tomorrow right?

Mikey: I did say everyone is coming!

Carolina & Constanza: Yeah. Exactly EVERYONE.

Mikey: The scientist, the scarfie, the scarfaced reaper, the two Strangeritas, and us, the bands, My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy, and hopefully we can snatch Linkin Park & force them to tag along too. Now all we gotta do is hit the hay, for tomorrow is a big day.

*to Emily the Strange* hey Emily, comfy crib you got here

Emily: My pleasure. Y'know I once interviewed Gerard about his upcoming comic. And the thing is, he wasn't having a slumber party. So, no slumber parties for tonight. ALL OF YOU. GET LOST.


R2: All this time I thought we're having a sleepover!

Emily: I said sleepover, not slumber party.

Amel: Honestly?! Ugh… well, everyone can crash at MY place for tonight. It's kinda like hers anyway.

[everyone flew away on the MCR chopper to Amel the Strange's house of Strange instead, and spend the night there]


Ray: Hey look, even her bedroom door has a password. Frank, check this out.

Frank: Let's try and guess *clicks error codes with Ray*

Amel: NOOO Don't click anything! It can't handle too much password errors! Also-

Frank & Ray: Oops, too late! hahahaha

[door suddenly opens. Frank & Ray thought they got the passcode correct, buuut…]



Amel: I wasn't finished. ALSO, if you click other code combinations, they will take you to other places regardless what time! *closes door*

Bob: O great door of teleportation, take me to Kitty Heaven!

R2: Wait Bob I'm coming too!

[Bob and R2 pressed the codes. the door opens but it wasn't actually Kitty Heaven]


R2 & Bob: KITTY!! Big kitty!


Amel: *shook her head & closed the door* this isn't a funfair, dudes. Don't try opening my bedroom door. NOBODY opens this bedroom door except me. *clicks the correct combination to the bedroom* Here we are… huge, right?

Mikey: It's just like a big garage, only bigger!

Amel: Haaaa gotcha. It's not really my room. It's just a spare room I might need in case there's sudden sleepovers like this. Let's put some beds together if you wanna.

Gerard: Okay! We only have sleeping bags though.

Ray: Hey how about those extra pile of mattresses?

[everyone put their beds together in the gigantic room]

Mikey: Night-night, Gee. Night-night, everyone

Everyone: *sigh* *sarcastic tone* NIGHT NIGHT, MIKEY.

Gerard: Sheesh, you don't need to be so lame every time we have a sleepover *cuddles Mikey*

R2: Hey, what's this fluffy thing touching my face? *sniffs* it smells like cotton candy, too.

Ray: That would be my poofy hair *blush*

R2: Ah well *sniffs it & drugs herself to sleep*

[Frank chokes Amel]

Amel: ACK! The hell? Why did he choke me in his sleep?

Fatin: That's his way of hugging you I guess lol

Amel: why does it have to be on MY NEEEECK?

and everyone slept soundly that night


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