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July 08 2015


January 16 2015

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October 07 2013

Most guys do not have to deal with the world of women. They’re born from us, they live around us, but for the most part, we take care of our own shit. We buy our own tampons. We deal with skeevy guys who catcall us. We deal with crappier work situations. We deal with getting told we suck at things because we have a vagina, and that we need to be prettier. […]

Then, they had daughters. […]

The girl goes to school, and you watch how she’s never called on. You hear someone insult someone else by calling them ‘a girl’, and it stings. Your little girl is awesome! She’s brave and smart and funny! Why would anyone use that as an insult? Then, you remember all the times you did it.

And then, you realize that, all along, you’ve been a part of the problem.

Jezebel commentor kcunning, on the recent study showing that men with daughters and boys with sisters are more likely to show more generous, caring and gentle tendencies. (via misandry-mermaid)

It’s like when a man has a daughter he suddenly wakes up and realizes, “Oh my God, boys out there are going to treat my daughter the way I used to treat girls”. That’s why men are so protective of their daughters. They know how awful boys are because they acted the same exact way. And instead of teaching your sons not to be assholes, you hide your daughters away.

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The bolded.

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May 17 2013








oh beyonce i think i love you more and more each day

why more people dont pick you as their feminist icon i’ll never know

I’m crying. This is my life in a gifset. 

There is a sea of female celebrities who slut-shame, say shit like “I’m not like other girls” and “all my friends are guys,” and then there is Beyonce. 

casually reblogging this again because I had such an awesome night last night with my girlfriends, at two separate parties and an impromptu slumber party. Spending time with the woman in my life who care about me and understand me is the absolute best way to feel good about myself. I just love my girlfriends.


With songs like Run the World, Independent Women and Survivor, how was there ever a doubt?

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March 12 2013

comic dump 10
Havent been doing a lot of comic dumps lately since 2011... this time the style looks a bit different. I'll do a 4koma-style comic dump sometime in the future if I have ideas.

1: just something I experienced in Heello, since that site is loaded with Indonesian & Spanish speakers (there are other people speaking other languages too, but not much) It's like Soup being loaded with German & Polish speakers.

2: Just goes to show how estranged I am to my family. thus the foreign hellos to symbolize this.
we still talk to each other in Indonesian tho

September 16 2011

July 28 2011

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