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February 20 2015

Explain Susie Syncra Bell. Explain Heelward Too

First of all, Heelward the Big Blue Cat is supposed to be a parody of Clifford The Big Red Dog, i made the series in 2001 but the idea got discarded until i started making a comic series for my cousin called Fruit Bomb. There, i decided that Heelward would pop up cameoing as a tv show and the plotlines would be hilariously bastardized compared to Clifford's educational episodes. Sadly I havent continued Fruit Bomb for a long time now.

Secondly, Heelward as a character. He's ultramarine-ish bright blue, big, helpful & loyal to his fellow cat friends and his owner Susie(Suzie?) Syncra Bell, and her friends too. He doesn't mind baths and he sleeps in a tent with a large basket inside it. He speaks in a casual manner. He doesnt mind giving others a ride at times due to his humongous size. Also no one knows where he spits his hairball out tbh. It's a mystery.

Thirdly, Suzie Syncra. She's a joiner, not a beater. She likes drawings although not that talented, and loves traveling, swimming and basically just moving around. She's usually cool with her friends eventhough they act unbearable sometimes. When it comes to new people she acts awkward and just watches them from distances before eventually speaking to them and becoming close. She has auburn long hair and wears light blue and purple clothes most of the time, except for her pink swimsuit.

What kind of similarities does susie syncra has with emily elizabeth besides heelward and clifford?

besides cliff & heel? their fahsion style (longsleeved collared shirt, mini skirt, striped socks), the fact that they used to live in an apartment before moving to an island. and their kindheartedness towards people in general, i guess? oh and them being moralistic, optimistic & athletic (not sure about this one cuz i dont know how sporty suzie syncra is). But i guess suzie syncra is crazier a bit, whaddaya expect, it's supposed to be a parody, pardon the obvious similarities.

what about da differences of stephanie from lazytown with seattle?

differences? lol well obviously stephanie likes pink n seattle likes teal hahahahahha.... and their music tastes i guess. seattle loves alternative rock songs, and some synth-pop, and stephanie and the other lazytown kids are probably into techno, house n dance music just like in the show. oh and seattle also has a little brother tex, while we dont know whether stephanie has siblings or not cuz her uncle is the only shown family member. dont you mean to ask their similarities after that last question asked?

December 01 2014

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November 21 2014


May 27 2014


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August 03 2013


May 22 2013



Aladdin/The Legend of Korra Parallels

[gif remake]

Lol at the Abu vs Pabu one their names liTERALLY FUCKIN RHYME
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May 14 2013


Iron Man 3 and The Incredibles parallels - 1/?

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January 31 2013

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Your Birthday: Then and Now
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January 20 2013


January 10 2013



I just realized something.

Lucy=Rapunzel : They heal with their firefly juice/hair.

Susan=Merida : They are archers.

Edmund=Hiccup : They betray/defy their friends, but it all works out in the end.

Peter=Jack Frost : They are the most headstrong and leaderlike of the four.

June 11 2012


Robbery and Rape


Our house was broken into last year. We were on vacation, and found out about it because our friend who stopped by to feed the cats alerted us. The thieves tried all kinds of different ways in till they found one that worked, and eventually made off with a number of things, among them my Mac Powerbook and our large flat-panel plasma TV. It was more an inconvenience than anything else, because we were insured (although not well, it turned out…) and they didn’t take anything personal or irreplaceable. A ripple in our lives, if you will.

Here are some things that did not happen following the robbery and subsequent investigation:

  • No one pointed to our large front windows and remarked, “Of course someone came in and took your TV. You were flaunting it through those huge windows. Who could blame them?”
  • No one remarked on gifts we had given to people in the past and implied or outright stated that obviously the thieves just assumed we were giving them our TV, since we have given other people gifts in the past.
  • No one took an in-depth history of our past gift-giving behaviors, including what the first gift we ever gave was, how old we were at the time, and how many people we had given gifts to since then.
  • The detective conducting the investigation never paused, looked at Sean, and asked if we were sure we wanted to continue the investigation, because this kind of thing could really ruin the thieves’ lives, and were we absolutely certain we hadn’t just given them our TV and forgotten?
  • No one suggested, even for a moment, that maybe we had given the thieves our TV and then regretted it afterwards, so we made up this whole “theft” story just to punish them.
  • No one said that if we had really wanted the thieves to not take our TV, they wouldn’t have—we would have had better locks on our doors, we would have had ADT. No one suggested that it was really our fault that someone took our TV.
  • It was never implied that we should feel grateful that such clever thieves wanted our TV in the first place, or that we should feel fortunate that our TV was so nice that someone would want to take it. 
  • No one said anything ridiculous, insensitive, and unsupportive like “I wouldnever allow my TV to be stolen!” or “I would rather be dead than have someone steal my TV.”
  • We’ve never been made to feel that we are somehow “damaged goods” or “troublemakers” because someone stole our TV.

Why is it that the same courtesy extended to us, who suffered what I described as no big deal, a ripple in our life, isn’t extended to rape victims? Even rape victims who are too young by definition to consent to any type of sex?

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August 03 2011

Harry Potter vs Star Wars
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June 13 2011

God. This guy. I don't even know if he's trolling or not but all he says are true though. In a sarcastic manner.

Oh wait, yep he's definitely trolling.
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May 22 2011

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Ninjas vs Professors
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April 01 2011

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