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February 11 2013


[Comics] The silent "D"

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February 06 2013

see also: psychologists
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September 25 2012

Because the silent B is the very essence of subtlety itself.
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December 10 2011

I'm very fond of theater. I don't see the limitations in theaters, or I see the limitations and I see them as strengths. So cinema for me is a different experience but what I am responding to is images, sounds, music, beauty. The fact that you can show everything in cinema doesn't necessarily make it better than theater, it's just a different experience. The great thing to me about silent films is the way it can suggest things. Suggest emotions. It's like opera. You can paint a picture in images that wouldn't work if you were hearing the spoken word. Spoken word suddenly makes it all real and now and natural. But the imaginary aspect of the silent film I find extraordinarily powerful.
— Patrick Stanbury
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