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September 02 2014

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April 28 2013

This photo was taken on 2011. For some reason instead, the scenery outside is what amazes me. I don't know why I'm a sucker for window shopping sceneries with a fairly big crowd of people walking to and fro. City life.

February 25 2013

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Assassin's Creed + Hetalia? Lol who drew this pic? XD
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December 02 2012

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上次看见的店 (Saw at the shop last time)

OMG ALL THE ADVENTURE TIME STUFF OH MY. Where is this. I gotta get some of them.
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October 06 2012

Seems Legit
(via KnowYourMeme)
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March 19 2012

Goodness Redness.
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February 25 2012

One of the most interesting homes ever. Props to this guy.

October 21 2011

A grocery store by necosanma
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October 15 2011

June 24 2011

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