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December 12 2019

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The cast of Good Omens and their roles on a ship
feat. Biyan (Tonialianov)

March 24 2019


June 13 2018

im still not over ships [X]

April 30 2015

Anonymous asked: Who do you ship in the strokes?


Haha, this is kind of a weird question for me because there’s nothing out there anymore about pairings and the Strokes. This is probably because they are all married, except for Fabrizio. And the fandom is pretty dead at this point. 

Anyway, my personal favourite is OT5, because they’re all so happy together; good friends, interesting dynamics, and they work well as a band.

Specific pairings would be: 

Julian: Nikolai, Nick, Albert, Fab (Because he is the one who brought them all together and is good friends with all of them, obviously…) 
Nick: Fab, Nikolai, Julian  (He’s good friends with Fab and collaborated with him outside of the Strokes. The other two are for…aesthetic purposes.) 
Albert: Fab, Julian (Frobros! And Julian and Albert shared an apartment, beds, cuddles, etc, and Julian always describes Albert really well. Plus their twitter banter is hilarious.) 
Nikolai: Julian, Nick, Fab (He’s Julian’s oldest friend. Fab and Nikolai have a lot in common and get along well. Nick is for aesthetic purposes.) 
Fab: Albert, Julian, Nick, Nikolai (Fab is love. Fab is life.)  

March 01 2015

Just a simple PSA





Cannon = thing that goes boom

Canon = an event that occurs within a published story

they both destroy ships tho

Did you just

Well played.

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February 27 2015

December 03 2014


November 15 2014


October 28 2014

October 22 2014


October 11 2014

Geered, Vyrt, fans and the nosebleedsplosion
Well I guess you can say the ship has now sailed… pun intended. To the fans aboard on that ship, at least. PUN INTENDED AGAIN

On twitter, jaredletosnatchedyourwig and I was brainstorming a comic idea based on Jared & Gerard derping on VyRT. For a site that let fans interact with their idols, I don’t know why I imagine Vyrt as a ship. Maybe it’s just for puns, which worked. Also I had to visibly includejaredletosnatchedyourwig herself and the girl who asked Gerard the question, Melanie Maynard (I hope I got her looks right, and no, she’s not the comedian, that’s another Melanie Maynard.). And the nose blood ocean was the randomest way to end this comic cuz I have no more ideas kay bye

I wonder if there’s a Princess Tomo-chan shirt in real life. And I wanna see Tomo wearing it.
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January 24 2014

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Mermaid by Sergey Kolesov

Ok, that’s fucking terrifying and cool.

woah I love this interpretation of mermaids. not human sized, but the size of like a blue whale

Wow I can’t stop looking at this!!

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October 14 2013

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July 23 2013


March 18 2013



so remember this post? 

shit just got a whole lot more complicated….

(via olivialaura)

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March 07 2013

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Time For An Adventure 

March 02 2013

This is perfect.
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February 17 2013

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adventure in the bathtub
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December 08 2012


When someone tags hate on your OTP

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