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October 19 2012

Dem Leto brothers goofing off again, this time with beards. Lol Shannon I know Tomo has a nice ass and all, but...
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FOCUS by rudeandgingerechelon
Behind the scenes of this photo
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October 17 2012


July 17 2012

Shannon in action
(via Instagram)
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April 28 2012

Shannon on strings. #VyRTtheMARSLab
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December 13 2011


September 29 2011

OH SHANNON. You so goof-off-y.
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July 31 2011

Shannon Leto: Well are you ready Hong Kong?
Hong Kong: Yeah
Shannon: How about you, Manilla?
Manilla: Oh I'm there, baby.
Shannon: How about you, Taipei?
Taipei: Fuckin Ready.
Shannon: Well I think I'm allright... 1-2-3-4!

July 26 2011


December 10 2010

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