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May 12 2015

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yet another cheapass lazy doodle~ i can do better I swear.
Ive seen the Shaky Knees photos and dayum it looks like Fab's fro just got bigger. also DRUMSTICK PROPELLERS THO.

May 11 2015




my thoughts on the strokes currently

Julian: climbing the trash nerd mountain. this isn’t even his final form 
Albert: has been possessed by 2002 era jack white OR was promoted to head mechanic at jiffylube and wanted to show off his spiffy new uniform 
Fabrizio: looks like an impersonator of himself. strange 
Nikolai: somehow got younger ?? also he stole julian’s hairstyle. julian has been forced to resort to a mullet for originality. turmoil within the strokes yet again  
Nick: doesn’t look like a happy chap. sorry man 

Because nick hates that the guys are doing solo projects. Its why he wont do one

I thought Nick was working on songs with Sia while the rest of them did their side projects

May 10 2015

The Strokes, Live at Shaky Knees Festival;
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