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May 19 2015



Our precious jewels cannot wait to make their way up the Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet.

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May 07 2015

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The reason why sharks attack surfers.

Please follow Oceans & Seas: http://oceans.press


Duh. Ever notice shark attacks are only one bite because sharks have a taste oh human and are like “blegh this isn’t what I ordered >.< 
Sharks also have really really really bad vision…so…everyone- be nice to sharks


I remember I did a report on hammerhead sharks and theyre truly just dopey idiots that’ll just bite you and be like “wow fuck that” and just piss off lol
Unless theyre reeeaallyyyy hungry. Sharks are so cool ;-;


Sharks are so vital to our oceans, the ecosystem, and the health of the world. Please be kind to sharks.



Sharks are important okay and also super cute and they just wanna swim around doing shark stuff 

They do not want to eat humans they are not scary evil monsters, they are cute as heck sea animals which the ocean needs 

Stop hurting/killing sharks :( 


Sharks also, sadly, have only one appendage that is any good at manipulating objects: their mouth. Thus, if they are curious about something, they do the same thing every thirteen-months-old child does, and investigate it by nomming it.

In other words, I believe the solution to prevent most shark attacks is to give sharks arms.



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March 12 2015


December 20 2014


July 30 2014

May 19 2014


January 06 2014


August 30 2013

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August 17 2013


June 06 2013

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June 05 2013






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May 09 2013


April 14 2013





my friend just pointed out to me that where Dr. Facilier’s shadow is, the wallpaper changes into cross bones.


I’ve seen this movie a billion times and I never noticed that.

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March 26 2013

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March 15 2013



the true self.

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February 13 2013

I’m Not There is an ongoing series of portraits by photographer PoL Úbeda Hervàs who lives and works in Barcelona. He says the series came from changes in his life that left him unsure of who he is, but decided to leave the shoes as a small reminder that there was at least some fragment of his personality left behind, more than just a shadow.
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February 02 2013





Dojima-Adachi Investigations: Tohru’s shadow and Persona, Take-Minakata of the Magician arcana

“It was always “Tohru, do your best! Live up to your potential! Be the best you can be, always”! Well you know what? To HELL with that! To hell with Chie, where she belongs!

Potential? What potential? I’m just a useless sack of shit whowouldn’t amount to anything—would never even be a goddamn blip on a radar—if I didn’teventually snap and fuck something up. That’s my only potential to be anything.

If I fucked something up, if I hurt someone, enough to be remembered, would I still be a blip? Would that be my potential? Because I’m sure enough not going to amount anything with my worthless abilities.

/That’s/ the real reason I’m here, investigating this murder—Because hell, if I don’t become great finding out who whackedChie and that other chick, how would I?

By doing one better? Offing three people? Four? Five?

You’re born with the golden ticket called talent, and if you don’t have it, you die in eighty years or so, worthless and snivelling, like youweren’t even there….

That’s what I believe. Because I’m you! Tohru…..”

“N….No…..You’re….You’re not me!”

Tohru’s shadow manifests as a hunched over man wrapped in bright blue bandages, chained to an hourglass-shaped weight, with monstrous, horned growths protruding from his back, which help stabilize the weight. He is around the size of Kunino-Sagiri, but due to his immobility, Dojimais able to fight him alone in the beginning of their adventures.

He uses fire magic and a howling scream, along with the loose chains which provide a painful physical attack.

Thank you to my little brother Jack John for help revamping the designs, the concept sheet which was done by him.

I love how S!Adachi alludes to his “original” self from the “original” timeline~! :3 It helps makes sense of his character in the “original” timeline too. Afraid that his life won’t matter and that everything he does will be for not. He’s desperate to try ANYTHING, even MURDER just so he can leave his print on the world. I think it’s great that in this AU, Dojima is able to change him. :)


Also, who are the people that die? Like, who replaces Yamano and Saki? Is it Chie? Just wondering. :)

Saki dies in place of Yamano, so she doesn’t escape her fate, unfortunately, while Chie dies in place of Saki.

December 05 2012

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November 17 2012


October 18 2012

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