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August 23 2014

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December 07 2012


Japan Develops Smartphone Application That Sends Smells | RocketNews24


An application that enables you to send smells through iPhones could be a way to strengthen the bonds of communication.  That is what Chaku Perfume Co. Ltd. believes, and is why  they developed a new communication service in the way of an iPhone application and device called “Chat Perf,” which can send smells across cyber space. Amazing!

Chat Perf is, surprisingly  a simple gadget.  All it takes is the Chat Perf attachable device, which includes an atomizer and a smell tank and fits snugly into your iPhone’s dock port.  Just plug it into your iPhone and the smell can be sent to another iPhone user using the same device in a puff of spray.

It all started with a conversation among the Chaku Perfume staff over what present day cell phone technology lacks.  One of the female staff pointed out, “You can’t send smell through a cell phone.”  This became the main impetus for producing Chat Perf.

An interesting way to utilize this application would be for it to be used as a promotion aid at a concert.  The smell tank could be handed out to iPhone users at the entrance. After downloading the application, the audience could receive the vocalist’s choice of scent.  He could share his favorite aroma with the whole concert hall!  If he is famous enough, he could simply fill the tank with the smell of his sweat and send it out.  If the audience isn’t too sweaty themselves they could get a whiff of him even from the back row!

Watch the videos here & here
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July 17 2012


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January 27 2012

This Is What Happens When Old People Control The Internet
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