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February 21 2015

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What is it with me back then and writing fanfics of my OCs meeting other characters from TV shows?… meh never mind it was all imagination.

FYI I uploaded the Lazy Town x Fall Out Boy fanfic with Seattle in it in on one of my old blogs, but the Clifford fanfic is still kept in secrecy.

February 20 2015

Explain Susie Syncra Bell. Explain Heelward Too

First of all, Heelward the Big Blue Cat is supposed to be a parody of Clifford The Big Red Dog, i made the series in 2001 but the idea got discarded until i started making a comic series for my cousin called Fruit Bomb. There, i decided that Heelward would pop up cameoing as a tv show and the plotlines would be hilariously bastardized compared to Clifford's educational episodes. Sadly I havent continued Fruit Bomb for a long time now.

Secondly, Heelward as a character. He's ultramarine-ish bright blue, big, helpful & loyal to his fellow cat friends and his owner Susie(Suzie?) Syncra Bell, and her friends too. He doesn't mind baths and he sleeps in a tent with a large basket inside it. He speaks in a casual manner. He doesnt mind giving others a ride at times due to his humongous size. Also no one knows where he spits his hairball out tbh. It's a mystery.

Thirdly, Suzie Syncra. She's a joiner, not a beater. She likes drawings although not that talented, and loves traveling, swimming and basically just moving around. She's usually cool with her friends eventhough they act unbearable sometimes. When it comes to new people she acts awkward and just watches them from distances before eventually speaking to them and becoming close. She has auburn long hair and wears light blue and purple clothes most of the time, except for her pink swimsuit.

What kind of similarities does susie syncra has with emily elizabeth besides heelward and clifford?

besides cliff & heel? their fahsion style (longsleeved collared shirt, mini skirt, striped socks), the fact that they used to live in an apartment before moving to an island. and their kindheartedness towards people in general, i guess? oh and them being moralistic, optimistic & athletic (not sure about this one cuz i dont know how sporty suzie syncra is). But i guess suzie syncra is crazier a bit, whaddaya expect, it's supposed to be a parody, pardon the obvious similarities.

what about da differences of stephanie from lazytown with seattle?

differences? lol well obviously stephanie likes pink n seattle likes teal hahahahahha.... and their music tastes i guess. seattle loves alternative rock songs, and some synth-pop, and stephanie and the other lazytown kids are probably into techno, house n dance music just like in the show. oh and seattle also has a little brother tex, while we dont know whether stephanie has siblings or not cuz her uncle is the only shown family member. dont you mean to ask their similarities after that last question asked?
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September 16 2014

May 07 2014


October 07 2013

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And another one for today, whew im productively procrastinating.
Little Seattle dancing.

Copying this pic just for the heck of it: .::SportsPack Design by xxlilevilangelxx

October 26 2012


September 29 2012


September 25 2012


September 23 2012

...and then Snowattle comes along
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Seapple meets Tex
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September 22 2012

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Seatte and Seapple as Mei Misaki & Misaki Fujioka... eyepatches & all.
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Seattle bonding with Seapple... and completing her sentences lol

September 20 2012

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More Seapple + practicing poses. Yay apple-y jacket
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September 16 2012

Seattle & Seapple

May 31 2012

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My OC Seattle watering her seashell flowers. An attempt to make something like this but failed despite I like the fact that her watering can looks like a gasoline bottle.
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May 20 2012

Fandom: Owl City / Fruits Basket
Submitter’s note regarding the fandom(s): Fruits Basket… Maybe? It also has The Great Gatsby, Owl City, Pirates of the Carribean, Harry Potter, Pokemon and many other assorted fantoms. 
Uhhh... WHAT? How can Seattle be in Japan? And moreover, THE LEG HAIR THING O_0

November 27 2011

The Seattle Tourist Shot
by ~TheVenomousSwan
distortion in seattle
by ~ntt2
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September 19 2011

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