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October 27 2014


September 27 2014


October 12 2013

If you were a scientist, what would you invent?

a device, drug or substance that can distribute heat from one part of the body to another. srsly getting a stuffy back & neck and a freezing throat at the same time has become too much of a pet peeve


June 29 2013


April 22 2013

A girl's guide to taking over the world:
"Since her death in 1979, the woman who discovered what the universe is made of has not so much as received a memorial plaque. Her newspaper obituaries do not mention her greatest discovery. […] Every high school student knows that Isaac Newton discovered gravity, that Charles Darwin discovered evolution, and that Albert Einstein discovered the relativity of time. But when it comes to the composition of our universe, the textbooks simply say that the most abundant atom in the universe is hydrogen. And no one ever wonders how we know."

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, a truly extraordinary woman.
Thanks Julia and I fucking love science for this.
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May 16 2012

You can tell these are rocket scientists because they can draw nearly perfect rectangles and circles on the chalkboard.
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April 11 2012

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Another RSdump with other songs' lyrics. This time it's Coldplay's "The Scientist"
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