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May 14 2013


June 16 2012


Reblogging this cause I feel like talking about my favorite Sailor. Sorry to whoever might feel that i shouldn’t be doing this (the reblogging then typing stuff… idk.. i just feel like it)

We all know back in the 90’s Sailor Moon aired only on Sunday at 9:30 a.m after Dragon Ball in TV2 and we never miss it as kids (even DB), actually I miss out a lot ever since my dad start arranging malay tuition class with my teacher on sunday morning, boohoo….

Anyway, why is Sailor Jupiter my fave well because back then I am VERY tomboyish, I hate wearing skirts, i don’t act like all the girls and my mom always spank me for being such in a boyish attitudes, i really dont like to sit down a lot, my mom would give me barbies but all I did to them was dressing them in boys clothes and pretend all the barbies I have are the Sailor Moon gang, I even convince my mom to buy exactly the same hair colour as them every year on my birthday…. well to be honest, i have one very girly barbie and it was my favourite Disney Princess Snow White (you can close her eyes by the way, with that magnetic mirror and swipe it up-ward / down-ward across her face).

I was in chinese school so everything we learn there in mandarin while they lack of islamic studies other than reading the holy Al-Qur’an and praying, that’s all we learn, and our library is the best ever! it’s a huge room (well i was short so i guess i see things big then) and the building were really old, I came across an educational Snoopy books / encyclopedia and i read every series of them everyday, from star constelation to people in the world. I came across the books about months, birthdays, zodiacs, those kind of shiz… I skip everything to December (my birth month) to see about myself, I saw the symbol of Jupiter (which I found out about it later in one of the sailor moon episode where Makoto reveal her power and the symbol shining on her forehead) and I was so happy that I was Jupiter, i did exactly what she do best exceptwearinglongskirt,being strong, fight back (cos i was a bully target..always), and cooking (i still suck at baking LOL), I just love being her.

Then in Art Club activity, the teachers brought these white clay figurines for us to paint on, i saw Sailor Jupiter so I ran to be the first before it was taken by anyone else. One of the teacher who knew me since kindergarten (also one of my dad’s ex-student) giggle seeing running like that. I remember one episode the girls breat out garlic to some vampire chick and then… I did the same to the bully whose been bugging me since 1st grade… well he was punching and kicking all the weak girls in our class and i fought back…using garlic breath…. i got a punch in the face after that, bt i still beat him up, we end up fighting everyday whenever we see eachother and get scolded so badly by the teachers, one of the teacher is my aunt and i told her everything what happen, i think they dont believe me (we’ll talk about that later).

Sometimes he came looking for me to fight with his gangs of big fat boys, I ran away as far as i can cause i know its dangerous to fight like 5 againts 1 kind of fight. Theres always a place to hide in our school, and my best hiding spot was the old islamic classroom. The ustaz was so awesome, whenever the boys come knocking the ustaz said im not here and sometimes he came out with a cane and scold them like he could bring the hut (the islamic classroom) down. He may look scary but he’s as gentle as a flower, but he packs quite a voice. Sadly his wife pass away (i think i was 9 when that happen), he doesn’t have kids. But he was happy with his students. He quit teaching when I was 11. Coming back to the run away, he ustaz always told me “its not very lady like for a girl to pick a fight, but that was very smart of you to ran away when you know you have no chance to beat all of them at once. But next time, tell the teachers” I told him that I always do but the teachers wont believe me.

The next day, the bullies were called to the principle’s office and called in the next period. When i came in, the principal’s office was filled with the bullies parents, my aunt and also… MY DAD! (it was only my dad back then cos my parents divorce). I told them everything that the bullies would beat up Soon Yah Joon, Yung Chai Fun, Shirley and Aishah. They tried to beat Fong Li Lee but she was too tall for them (LOL i still remember that), I told them that I beat them up back cos they’ve always been beating up other kids. the bullies start sobbing and tell them that i was lying, I kept defending myself saying that they’re are the one who are lying, so the principals call the girls i mention and when they enter, and thang god Fong Li Lee was there as well, she showed where the girls get beat up. After that the parents were furious and took the bullies home and i can still remember one of the bullies dad shout a bad word in mandarin outside the office, my dad finally believe me that i didnt pick a fight (cos whenever i come back home my dad would ask me if i start a fight but i alwasy sed no).

That moment, in my head “thank god Sailor Jupiter watch over me”….. everytime i thought of that i would facepalm and LOL’d.

Anime really brought out what’s inside me, but it takes such a long time to actually bring out everything about me.. even courage… the divorce was bad and gave a bad impact on me, my eldest sister said i wasnt the same ever since I was sick in the hospital for 4 weeks and the divorce. Years later, when i went to my aunt’s place, she start talking about me in elementary school and brought up the bully case thing and turns out (yeah we’re talking bout it now) they DO believe me, they just want more evidence to convince the principal to start calling the bullies’ parents.

Thinking back, Im sure glad Im not like everyone else, just being me.

Looks like you have a deep connection between yourself & Sailor Jupiter... She's one of your life inspirations.

Omg that story of you & that bully! He's the same guy as the one you told me about right? The previous bully you found through facebook & both you & him LOL'd about the times youve been fighting back in ur school?

Sailor Jupiter is ur spirit animal lol. she kinda powered you into standing up against the bullies XD
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