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March 18 2015

Ruby the Copycat - Emerald the Envy
HELP D: I took something out of a children's book and made something screwed up & twisted out of it

A small random thought that came up when I just discovered Ruby The Copycat in 2013 went like, what if just as Ruby stopped copying for the sake of friendship, she's haunted by this invisible desire to keep on copying Angela and her other friends? It's gonna consume her & slowly corrupt her and stuff and it's pretty scary, cuz to me it's relatable.

What if this envious entity is named Emerald since it's green?

Lol "fuse with me" and gem names, that is so Steven Universe

Ruby the Copycat (c) Peggy Rathmann

September 28 2013

Song: "Ruby" by Kaiser Chiefs (with the exceptions of altered lyrics in the verses)
Ruby the Copycat (c) Peggy Rathmann

This took me about 3 1/2 days to finish (excluding time to think up of the lyrics). Just moments after I watched Ruby the Copycat I sorta got reminded of this old Kaiser Chiefs song. This isn't exactly a parody, more like... ehh.. I don't really know what do you call "altering song lyrics but not being funny" in one word.

Basically in this story, Angela sings the whole song... with the exception of Miss Hart singing the second chorus. And probably in the finale the whole class sings the final chorus altogether.
Also, I kinda noticed that in the last part Miss Hart's skirt isnt completely colored :( ah well. I'm kinda too lazy to fix it. I'm also too lazy to draw the rest of the kids joining Ruby hopping about, just blank snow people will do).

And the part with Angela and Ruby wearing teal shirts & holding teal books, each with a yellow star, isn't part of the story. I just thought up of it cuz I wanna see them wearing those.
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September 25 2013

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yes, I just changed the lyrics of a Kaiser Chiefs song to match this old storybook right here.
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September 21 2013

September 13 2013

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scribble-doodle-mcdoodles cuz i was bored and felt like cuddling a ton of furbies cuz they're just that adorable. oh and what if ruby the copycat grew up to be ruby rose from RWBY?

tried to make a furby ruby but it looks less ruby than expected. 70% furby

August 18 2013

ruby + tribble + eevee doodledump
letting go. I felt bad working on a holiday so I did some sketches.

the other day I saw white and brown fluffball keychains in at a departement store and I thought they were tribbles from Star Trek. Those things are fluffy as fluff.

and then I imagined the main characters of Ruby the Copycat as Eeveelutions.
also, the poem Angela wrote though, it's kinda obvious that the "cat" she mentioned sitting at the back of her is directed at Ruby. thus cat!Ruby.

characters (c) not mine
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