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June 24 2015

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I kept forgetting to post this comic but I figured there’s no better day to do it than on Father’s Day!

Here is my guest comic contribution to the Greg Universe Special.  I had fun with it, especially with the colors.  I wanted to use a limited color pallet so that the pink moments would really pop.

I also scripted a second comic for the issue that was brought to life by the amazing coelasquid!  Here are some places to buy a physical or digital copy if you want to check out the rest of the Greg special if you haven’t already!

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May 17 2015


April 15 2015



I read this post talking about how Steven is too short to wield Rose’s sword but Stevonnie isn’t so yeah I really want that to happen at some point

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April 06 2015

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my parents were shopping for drinking glasses in the kitchen utensils section and the tv was playing an ad for JangMi Kal a.k.a. the rose knife a.k.a. the most powerful weapon on earth. Tina & I continued to joke about it cuz I was feeling extra silly and her fever was getting better.

March 04 2015

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Rose Quartz + Lion

(steven universe)

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It’s hard to deal with stuff from the past
You wanna put it off because there’s tons of it
and it’s really heavy and
it means a lot to you
so it’s hard to let anything go but
you gotta
because this thing is full

Maximum Capacity

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February 15 2015



Something before I head to bed again. I’m unbelievably tired!!!

Rose with a Rose! :O

I had fun drawing this~ She is just so pretty!

But coloring that one was a huge pain…
I still need to figure out how to use pink and rose colors. They always seem to be too bright. Ah well, guess I just need to draw more Rose then.

I do love to put detail in her hair~ <3

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Uh, how long did you live here?

For awhile, I guess, um, at least until I met your mom and the others. 

November 21 2014


September 19 2014


March 23 2014

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