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August 12 2013


July 26 2013


May 16 2013



Hexagonal rocks-WUT:
The columns form due to stress as the lava cools. The lava contracts as it cools, forming cracks. Once the crack develops it continues to grow. The growth is perpendicular to the surface of the flow. Entablature is probably the result of cooling caused by fresh lava being covered by water. The flood basalts probably damned rivers. When the rivers returned the water seeped down the cracks in the cooling lava and caused rapid cooling from the surface downward. The division of colonnade and entablature is the result of slow cooling from the base upward and rapid cooling from the top downward.
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September 02 2012






This ring features a complete band of Gibeon Meteorite framed and mounted in an 18k gold band. The meteorite has been etched with nitric acid to reveal the characteristic patterns, or Widmanstatten figures, of iron meteorites, and set with 9 gemstones representing the planets of our Solar System. Mercury is represented by a rust colored Sapphire, Venus a golden Sapphire, Earth an irradiated blue Diamond, Mars a Ruby, Jupiter an Opal, Saturn a Cats Eye Chrysoberyl with an inlaid 24k gold ring, Uranus a green Sapphire, Neptune a blue Sapphire and Pluto a black Diamond. What really makes this ring special is that the band of meteorite spins independent of the gold ring, so when it is on, the planets rotate around the wearer’s finger.


Can we just discuss how Pluto is on this ring?

I don’t care if it says it’s for men, this is going to be my wedding ring

Oh, wow. 

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May 11 2012



<3 Mountain Jewels…

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March 25 2012


February 25 2012


February 17 2012

Castle in the sky
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January 15 2012


January 08 2012

nobody rocks like Tomo does. 

August 21 2011

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