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April 26 2015



Ms. Quimby’s 4th graders at Paris Elementary School in Maine decided to introduce the book to the rest of their school! Outside their classroom door, they displayed book reviews and drew themselves as if they were characters in the book.

Giving a standing ovation to all of you!

AAAAH THIS IS ADORABLE! I love the kids’ Wonder versions of themselves ksajhakfhsdfghjk

January 27 2015



Best. Book. Review. Ever.


Most honest book review ever.

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February 05 2014


Everyme vs Path


Yet another micro-social-sharing-mobile app has been released, it’s called Everyme

When I first read about it I had to groan. A Path clone? A copy of Google+ circles? Why do I need this when it’s already hard enough to get friends to join those networks. Eventheir websites look the same.

But then I started using it, and I realised it’s a little different.

A little useful, even.

What’s very clever is that it actually solves a real problem in a logical way - sharing with your close friends, even if they don’t use that social network. All without having to manually create friend groups, or as the app interestingly calls them - circles.

Everyme scans your address book, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and auto-magically creates circles based on your social graph. You can then tinker with them and add other circles to your heart’s desire.

The beautiful thing is that when you share to a circle, it will send the update to your friends’ email address or to their phone number as a text message. The emails look beautiful, and may encourage your friends to join the network without you having to nag. Amazing.

The visual similarities to Path are hard to ignore. In some views it looks like they took Path and tinted it a shade of aqua blue. Missing are some of the fun visual elements such as Path’s bouncy input ball and the spinning clock as you scroll through your timelines. This makes me a little sad.

However it makes up for the one infuriating problem with Path, in that in order for it to be fun and useful your friends need to be active there.

There are no Path-like photo filters in Everyme. Nor are there emoticons. You can’t share songs or post your Nike+ runs. In fact, Everyme doesn’t really feel like a social network at all, but rather a sleek group messaging app.

So even though at first tap it looks like a Path clone, after using it for a while you realise it’s something else. It’s an address book. 

If anything, it’s more of an iMessage replacement.

iMessage seeks to replace SMS, sending a text through the iMessage protocol whenever an iOS 5 device is detected.

But not everyone has an iPhone.

Path also doesn’t work unless you are in a clique of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs or your name is Robert Scoble. 

Everyme allows you to easily send a message or a photo to a group of people, regardless of what network or phone they are using. You just send an update to a circle, a real friend circle not a Google+ nerdcircle, and know that it will reach everyone via the app, an email or a text message.

It will be interesting to see if the service takes off. For once though, I don’t have to beg all my friends to join yet another social network - it has value right from the start.

September 18 2013

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▶ 9 Crazy Foods! - Vsauce2
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August 07 2013

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▶ Anime Zone: Summer Wars Review [Geek Week]
I KNEW IT. Summer Wars is kinda a revamp of Digimon the movie cuz oh the similarity... and the same director even.

January 22 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips review & comparison. I've always wondered why the Youtube reviews of this lipbalm brand look a tad different from the ones they sell at my place, until I found out they have different versions sold in different continents (specifically the Asian/Australian packaging version differs from the Americas packaging)

Comparison done by Classy Jezzie

April 21 2012


April 20 2012

Quit judging me, trash can!

March 07 2012


February 24 2012

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I really wanna try this site, as an alternaFoursquare & alternaGowalla & such. Sad thing is we can't submit pictures & videos along with our location.

January 20 2012

You are what you tweet

December 15 2011

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