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April 08 2020

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13 years ago vs now

dont ask me why I had a thing with stabbing dolls that resemble the people i envy or have a grudge against back then.

November 27 2019


May 18 2019

revamp of my 2011 piece on dA called "Under Strawberry Vanilla Skies". The title kinda sounds Owl-City-esque but part of me thinks that I just felt like drawing bright red hair because of Soup.io? I was pretty proud being on Soup while everyone else was on Tumblr that time.

Also i sorta took the plants idea from anouki_morgenstern's drawing minus the rain. Count this as a drawthisinyourstyle somehow.

March 12 2018

revamped bubble fighter
Felt like doing a revamp of one of my oldest characters the Random Bubble Fighter

Tried to give her a more modernised look but thats all I could do cuz i'm not the most fashionable of all people... the only prominent change is her haircut. also i wanted to giver her a bluish skin but it looked off, so I gave her normal-colored skin n thought about her getting blue skin when she powered up.

also i'm ashamed to say the background's based on Hamamoto-Tan feat. Pokemon by RyusukeHamamoto, cuz dang, that's from the mid-2000's.

May 10 2015

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the digimon original gang all older and revamped im going to cry  

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July 14 2014


August 11 2013

a revamp of this
that I drew in 2007. Before my discovery of pen tablet pressure. derp.

January 14 2013


To celebrate the release of new movie Wreck-It Ralph, Disney have transformed an east London street into an old school computer game

Strange, anachronistic-looking figures with mad hair and peculiar clothes... And next to them, characters from an 80s video game. East London's Brick Lane has been given an 8-bit makeover, inspired by the baddie from arcade classic Fix-It Felix, Jr. It features pixelated sculptures of a London taxi, leaking water pipe, clouds, postbox, pigeon, tree, CCTV camera – and a dog who's also left its mark on the street. The transformation celebrates the UK release of Disney's Wreck-It Ralph – on 8 February, of course – which features characters voiced by John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman and Jack McBrayer.

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October 28 2011

July 29 2011

Redrawing DrawFree stuff on PS
Got bored last time in Brunei so I drew some stuff in my sister's iPad using the DrawFree app. These was what I came up with and later, realized they're worth redoing in Photoshop.1: I think it was...
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