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June 07 2019

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August 27 2014

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July 30 2013

oh glob... my birthday star has to have a sexy name D:
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January 21 2013


November 15 2012

So I took this quiz & got this result
[saving the old screenshot cuz reuploading the complete ones]

The first one was only preliminary, but so far they've seemed to nail my personality. Then again I can't be the judge since I myself ain't so sure about my exact personality.

The third test involves a "strange language" that is revealed to be actual English words spoken backwards. And the connections between everything we choose in the 1st & 2nd tests and what we draw in the 5th test is just... plain creepy.

And to think this is just part of the trailer for the new TV series 'Hunted' on Cinemax. I'm just... mindfucked. How can they make this random quiz so brilliant(ly accurate)? Except one part. I wasn't intending to draw a stick figure like the audio said. I was focusing on drawing the rabbit, cuz during my childhood I love rabbits.

Go ahead & get your own results, take the Byzantium test.

July 05 2012

Took this test & got this result. WHAT? No, I'm quite careless about my hair & I rarely brush them lol. Not true. But I'd try this shampoo anyways.

June 15 2012

This is what happens when you apply every single Instagram filter in this photo. Apply ALL the Instagram filters!
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April 21 2012


April 08 2012

awesome number is awesome
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July 26 2011

But but I have equal Gryffindor & Slytherin traits... OH MY SHIT I'm just like Harry.
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