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January 14 2015


January 09 2015

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January 08 2015


December 14 2014




one time in an interview Zac Efron said that he loved death note and idk if he was just saying that bc the interviewer mentioned it or what but the point is Zac Efron may be a closet weeb

also this



does this look like a coincidence to  you?

December 13 2014



thats it. we have seen everything, the world may continue to stop existing.

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October 16 2014




are these 3 different characters

facial animation game not strong

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September 12 2014


August 30 2014


November 06 2013


July 10 2013

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Beer & Biodiversity - minuteearth
I guess that rule happens to almost everything that has a big successful competitor and other smaller competitions, not just trees or beer.

February 18 2013


January 19 2013


fishy shit regarding frank iero’s new blog (frerard related)



alright, so we all know that frank got a blog recently. now, if you look at this post:

we see that frank has written a poem. 

now, moving on.

we take a look at this myspace page:


this hasn’t been updated in say, three years. it was mostly active in 2008. however, taking a look through the blog entries, something familiar pops up.

strangely enough, the same poem written by frank iero in 2013 was also written by an F.T. Willz in 2008. february 2008, specifically.

now, we’re all probably asking…who is this guy? who the hell is F.T. Willz?

well, taking a look at his myspace page….

we see he is affiliated with the skeleton crew (frank’s old business/label)

specifically, he’s writing a book.

now, maybe we could think, ah shit, it’s just an employee.


now, who’s another scorpio we’re all familiar with?

oh right

now, now

coincidences are piling up and piling up

here’s another cute little comparison

seems as though both of these guys really hate technology, huh?


it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out that F.T. Willz and frank iero are the same person

it’s pretty fuckin’ obvious

but here, let’s call attention to a few other things

namely, in the details, already screencapped above

F.T. listed himself as a “swinger”

for those unfamliar…

highlighted content here being “non monogamous”

kind of sketchy, or maybe that’s just me


now, let’s point out the dates of these. all of these posts were made in the first half of 2008. lining that up, even this very first post, the post frank is trying to pass off as “frank iero 2013” was originally penned in february 2008. shortly after projekt rev came and went, to put that on a timeline.

to highlight the non-monogamy, to highlight how clearly whiny, how clearly heartbroken all this writing is

can you honestly say that this isn’t frank just mooning over gerard post-lindsey

can you really say that he wasn’t sliding that “non-monogamy” in there as a dig at his own looseness

it’d explain a hell of a lot with him and jamia. with how maybe they let each other go, just a little bit. for him to run after gerard? how she’s always let him run after gerard?

non-monogamy isn’t for everyone, but i’ll tell you i’m familiar, and i’ll tell you too that this falls into a perfect frame for it.

good job trying to hide your old writing frank

but recycling it and posting it on your new blog isn’t a very good way to skirt your old myspace

(not that you were hiding it very well to begin with)

i’ll be analyzing all these words you wrote later, just wait

but for now, readers

doesn’t this shit sound REALLY fucking familiar to the lyrics he was yelling in leathermouth?

also can i point out FTW (F.T. Willz). frank has FTW on his guitar and maybe just made that into a name

Why was I too busy being anti-frerard to see this going on back then? So if Frank's blog is posted in 2013 (reposted from F.T.Willz's blog back in 2008) does it mean he's still depressed from not being together with Gerard (despite them already having families of their own)?
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November 28 2012

Reddit user Liammm shot this photograph of his kitchen sink draining, and then was surprised to discover that it looked just like a human eye. Try viewing it from farther away for maximum effect! http://j.mp/S0B6x8
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November 16 2012

Anyone else think the couple in this painting, done by Raphael Soyer in 1959, looks an awful lot like Amy Pond and Rory Williams?

Pretty striking resemblance, right? But the coincidences don’t stop there. The Tor Blog did some investigating, and found that Soyer moved from Russia to New York at the turn of the century and began showcasing his art in the 1930′s. The Tor Blog offered this mindblowing theory:

We know that Amy and Rory got zapped back to the 1930s by a Weeping Angel in a graveyard in their final episode. Since their gravestone was in that same graveyard, and their son spoke with an American accent (in this unfilmed scene from “The Power of Three”), we can infer that Amy and Rory probably spent their lives right in New York City. And why not? For two people who love adventures, it’s a pretty good place to be. And if Amy and Rory lived in NYC, they would have had plenty of opportunity to know the painter of this piece, Raphael Soyer

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October 02 2012

5400 ff48 500
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September 23 2012

I Can See The Resemblance! (via Damn!LOL)
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September 16 2012


August 02 2012

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Delipo Juice - T Shirt
Methinks this commercial looks a tad bit familliar...

July 02 2012

True. Motherchugging. Story. Except IRL I can't remember if I really did greet the girl. And if her name is correct.
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