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May 25 2015

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it’s good to know that renaissance cats were just as fucked up as renaissance babies


Actually! This isn’t renaissance! These are all by Fernando Botero, who is still alive. This is. Just how he draws. He is also the artist who painted Snart

here’s some of his other stuff


so he’s the snartist


I was just saying “oh gosh. oh NO. OH NO. oh GOSH. OH NO.” while scrolling through this. this is amazing. i. well. he’s doing him, and that’s whats important.

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February 03 2015




"selfie culture" seems so tame by comparison when you realize that not only did old timey rich people spend a fortune commissioning artists to paint flattering images of them, they spent many hours sitting for these portraits

who’s the me generation now


#art museums are actually just full of renaissance selfies this post just changed my life

Fun historical fact! Elizabeth I spent *very* little time sitting/standing for portraiture. She had a set of allowable official renderings of her face, and would send a lady (usually one of her ladies-in-waiting) who was close to her size to wear her clothes and pose for the piece in her place. Sometimes there wasn’t even a lady to wear the clothing.

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May 07 2013

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Gothel’s dress is from the Renaissance, which is 400 years before the time period of when the film takes place in the 1780s. This was in an effort to emphasis how Gothel and Rapunzel don’t match up and how long Gothel had been living.

old as balls

Why the fuck do you think she turned to dust like five seconds after Flynn cut Rapunzel’s hair? Hell yeah that bitch is old as balls

(via ptchew)

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