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June 25 2015

why you should make a webcomic and why you can make a webcomic




why should you make a webcomic?

  1. it’s regular drawing practice
  2. you get to draw and develop the universe your OCs live in
  3. you could draw your OCs making out with context
  4. see number 3

how can you make a webcomic?

  1. go to smackjeeves, tapastic or Line Webtoon
  2. or... just make a new Soup blog & tweak its appearance
  3. post webcomics as how you'd post in any other Soup blog.

what if nobody sees my webcomic :(

  1. too bad you got to draw your OCs making out and nobody can appreciate your artistic genius obviously the world is not ready for this webcomic genius

It also might be good for an artistic resume or portfolio.

Welp, guess that settles it. I need to start a webcomic.

reblogging this to add while the original link to the theme in this post is inactive, you can find the newest webcomic theme here

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    June 13 2015

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    Reasons to Love Board Games.


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    August 22 2014


    August 07 2014


    May 28 2014


    March 29 2014

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    March 20 2014

    January 19 2014





    Pricelists Industry vs Fandom.

    Finally made.

    If anyone would care to donate a coloured comic page for the comic industry standard list I’m willing to accept one and will give credit c8 I would’ve made one if I had an example but I don’t -A-

    But yes that’s off my chest.

    Of course this is based off my own browsing over price lists and how I work unfortunately my commissioner homie went idle so I can’t confirm the most vs the least one can spend.

    I’ve only found one artist thus far that charges nearly as close to industry standard. Even then it’s under the standard. As far a I’m concerned anyone under the standard shouldn’t have complaints about expensive art. Fandom average is hardly one you can live by.

    Would you like to get paid $30 for 3-7 days worth of work?

    Yeah hey, everyone look at this. This is what EVERY artist should be able to charge, even if just the lower rungs.


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    September 26 2013

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    Fareda & I wondering why Heroes got cancelled after season 4

    September 10 2013

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    Autumn? more like AWESOME
    (via 9GAG)
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    March 17 2013


    Why the Obesity Epidemic is Like Modern Art

    • PETA: You’re fat because you eat meat. We can cure fat by making meat-eating illegal.
    • ENVIRONMENTALISTS: You’re fat because you drive everywhere instead of bike. We can cure fat with higher gas prices.
    • LOCALVORES: You’re fat because you eat fast food and over-processed junk instead of cook with local ingredients. We can cure fat by taxing fast food and processed food, and by subsidizing local farms.
    • ACADEMICS: You’re fat because you’re not educated enough. We can cure fat with widespread campaigns teaching people what to eat and how much to exercise.
    • INTERVENTIONISTS: You’re fat because bad food and gas is too cheap and poor neighborhoods are too unregulated. We can cure fat with tougher zoning laws and price regulation.
    • PUBLIC TRANSPORT FANS: You’re fat because you drive everywhere. If you used public transport you’d burn those extra calories taking stairs from train levels and walking to your train/bus stop. We can cure fat by expanding public transportation options.
    • WALKING/BIKING/RUNNING FANS: You’re fat because you sit on a bus, then sit at a desk, then sit at home. We can cure fat by building more bike lanes, walking trails, and parks.
    • LIBERTARIANS: You’re fat because you lack personal responsibility. We can cure fat by engendering a sense of individual pride in people.
    • RELIGIOUS FOLKS: You’re fat because you display the sin of greed. We can cure fat by teaching our children the correct values.
    • POLITICIANS: You’re fat because the previous administration didn’t care about the health of the nation and the costs of healthcare. You can cure fat (and save the economy!) by voting for me.
    • EMPLOYERS: You’re fat because you have a poor work ethic. We can cure fat by refusing to hire fat people, thus forcing them to lose weight in order to get a job.
    (source: Muselimah)

    October 15 2012

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    Reason I don't like using public restrooms
    (via 9GAG)
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    September 20 2012


    Worst Troll Ever

    Harry Potter vs. Twilight, the obvious winner



    please send this to all harry potter fans to enlighten them

    omfg I cant breathe

    Yes all Harry Potter fans should read this and laugh their asses off.

    (via death-by-avengers)

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    August 31 2012





    • Jasmine was in an arranged marriage and didnt want to marry someone she didn’t love
    • Snow White cleaned and cared for them and wasn’t sleeping with them
    • Pinocchio avoided lying and was actually doing all he did to save his father and become a real boy
    • Robin hood stole from the rich that were stealing from the poor via taxes
    • Tarzan was raised by fucking apes
    • Sleeping beauty was in a coma and only the kiss from her true love could bring her to life
    • Cinderella was a slave

    Don’t try to use my childhood to justify you being a whore


    This is a great blog to follow, seriously

    Source: fangar
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    August 22 2012

    Why I Play - Lumosity.com

    August 09 2012

    April 15 2012

    What to call the latest generation

    Submitted by: belstgut
    Posted at: 2012-04-13 07:45:09
    See full post and comment: http://9gag.com/gag/3830619

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    February 04 2012


    November 22 2011


    September 13 2011

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