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November 04 2017

Since 2013 until now I can't sing this effing song without laughing. This song is a meme.

This was last month when Jun & I jammed after work (that's when our band performs but another bandmember had to do stuff that moment, so the two of us just chilled). I felt like singing some Imagine Dragons songs and he only knew how to play THAT one, and I was like "welp brace yerself for the incoming laughter".

Done in Tayasui Sketches, which explains why my recent comics look messier.

Tapas | Webtoon

April 08 2014

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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March 04 2014


February 16 2014


November 02 2013


October 24 2013

I'm probably considered a heavy breather but why is it that I can't stop laughing at the heavy breathing part of Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive"?

September 06 2013

radioactive by imagine dragons is just perf. im so addicted
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August 30 2013

HAHAHAHA HA HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH OH GOD HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA sorry, the thing is I can perfectly imitate the breathing but I cant do it without laughing internally
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June 13 2013

Another random-moment-random-idea product. Ah how I love Hulk's faces in here. And the song suits him somehow it's just funny.

Radioactive (c) Imagine Dragons
The Incredible Hulk (c) Marvel
paper textures (c) ~bashcorpo [link] and [link]
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May 25 2013

Artist: Imagine Dragons vs. Marina and the Diamonds
Title: Radioactive



At first I was like oh shit this is my jam but then I got errrrr wtf just happened?
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April 30 2013

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Within Temptation - Radioactive (Imagine Dragons Cover)
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April 11 2013

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Radioactive - Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix (Imagine Dragons Cover)
Totally wasnt expecting the beatbox & the removal of one half of the second verse, but still badass nevertheless m/ m/
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February 28 2013

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Who wouldve thought this video for the making of Radioactive can make Imagine Dragons look like the Key of Awesome? I mean PUPPETS! Oh and yeah, the scenes and places are just beautiful I wish I can jump straight from the screen.

Lou singing tho. And and omg Alex is the one who played Annabelle from Percy Jackson :O holy crap I didn't recognize her back then...

February 25 2013

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Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
For some reason the music video doesn't really suit the song, as cute as they are I never imagined stuffed animals, though the girl's pink teddy is THAT badass. And oh the leadsinger beating the big drum is just fahking badass too ok.
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July 20 2011

9264 ea9a
Effects of Radioactivity Over Time
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