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May 22 2013


October 02 2012


August 22 2012

June 20 2012


yo, to all these people writing in "my grandma/neighbor/cat is racist, but they're still a good person" -if they're a good person, you should be able to tell them they're being racist. if they're a good person, they'll apologize and maybe even reconsider their views on race. if they don't, they're probably not a good person after all. saying something racist doesn't automatically mean you're a bad person. being unwilling to consider others' feelings and change your racist-ass behavior does.


Yo, Is This Racist?
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May 29 2012

Chinese textbook offers hilariously stereotypical description of every American.
This is golden. Just golden. Distribute those textbooks around the world, if they can.
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May 21 2012

Anonymous asked: I've noticed that only racists use the phrase "politically correct". Non racists instead use the phrase "not racist".

Boom, that is 100% correct.

Yo, Is This Racist?
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December 15 2011



World’s Worst Person of the Day: In case you were wondering, yes — there are still some pretty awful people in the world.

British woman on London transport complaining that Britain is nothing now that ethnic minorities are in her country.

Beyond the staggering levels of venomous (NSFW) vile being spewed forth from this bigoted British blowhard’s mouth — in full view of her son, no less — I am absolutely shocked — shocked — by how calm everyone is being.

Makes you wonder how anyone could even become this intolerant.


Dang, what a total racist. I saw this vid on RayWilliamJohnson's series =3 & went WTF KICK HER OUTTA THE TRAIN.

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