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January 21 2013


November 15 2012

So I took this quiz & got this result
[saving the old screenshot cuz reuploading the complete ones]

The first one was only preliminary, but so far they've seemed to nail my personality. Then again I can't be the judge since I myself ain't so sure about my exact personality.

The third test involves a "strange language" that is revealed to be actual English words spoken backwards. And the connections between everything we choose in the 1st & 2nd tests and what we draw in the 5th test is just... plain creepy.

And to think this is just part of the trailer for the new TV series 'Hunted' on Cinemax. I'm just... mindfucked. How can they make this random quiz so brilliant(ly accurate)? Except one part. I wasn't intending to draw a stick figure like the audio said. I was focusing on drawing the rabbit, cuz during my childhood I love rabbits.

Go ahead & get your own results, take the Byzantium test.
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November 03 2012

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Which Horror Movie Villain are you? - Interactive Quiz
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September 23 2012


July 22 2012


What's Your Social Media Style?

Your Result: Cute — like Taylor Swift's!

You're cute, so crank up the tweeting! You share just a teeny, tiny smidge and it has us wanting just a little more. You and Taylor Swift are quirky and adorable with your Instagrams. Kick it up a notch, por favor!

Taylor Swift? Instagram? Really? Am I getting an accurate result here?

July 20 2012


WOO! You have boundless energy and will take every single possible moment to exert it! Not only that, but you looooove to party, so wherever you can be that you can party and get down at, you will want to be! Your love of parties and laughter makes you a very fun pony to be around, because all of your friends generally have a good time when they're with you — as long as your overabundance of energy doesn't irritate them.

You don't just go against the grain, but you pretend the grain isn't even there, saying neigh to the norm and doing whatever it is you want to do, regardless of how silly it may be. Your carefree attitude is admirable in that sense, but you can easily get discouraged when people don't quite 'get' your sense of randomness and laughter. If you can't put a smile on a friend's face or if you disappoint them, you'll feel bad about it.

Despite your rather quirky nature, you often times do know exactly what you're doing, even if it may seem you're going about it in an odd way. You have a certain sense of things and it would be wise for your friends to believe you. You may be naive and carefree, but you're willing to try almost anything out, even if you're completely clueless on it. You're also a very creative pony, dabbling in songs, performances, and other creative ventures, while also coming up with creative solutions to whatever problems may be out there.


July 05 2012

Took this test & got this result. WHAT? No, I'm quite careless about my hair & I rarely brush them lol. Not true. But I'd try this shampoo anyways.

June 15 2012

I scored 70%, so I'm TOTALLY a hipster. Only 2.5% of people are really hipsters.
Shame, I'm only HALF that IRL. I'm a website hipster. I use websites that you guys have probably never heard of.

How hipster are you? www.HowHipsterAreYou.com/877936

April 21 2012


October 09 2011


Personality Disorder Test

This goes to show you guys how flippin awesome I am... (kidding. truthfully the test basically said I'm a big chicken... WTF NO.)

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July 26 2011

But but I have equal Gryffindor & Slytherin traits... OH MY SHIT I'm just like Harry.

June 15 2011


What Adventure Time Character Are You quiz results

Marceline quiz

A rocking Vampire lady, Has some fights with her dad, and plays pranks on Jake and Finn If you are Marceline you love to rock out and jam out to music, you love to play jokes on people and although you fly solo in your love life sometimes you have feelings stored up inside from bad past realtionships in your love, family, and friend life.


June 13 2011

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