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July 08 2013

A British man came to a Sheikh and asked, “Why is not permissible in Islam for women to shake hands with a man?" The Sheikh said, “Can you shake hands with Queen Elizabeth?" British man replied, “Of course not, there are only certain people who can shake hands with Queen Elizabeth". Sheikh replied with a smile on his face, “All Our Women are Queens and Queens do not shake hands with strange men".
— Saif Ahmed. (via jamminyamin)


no. because if you follow the school of thought where it is not permissible for opposite genders to shake hands THAT MEANS MUSLIM MEN CANNOT SHAKE HANDS WITH A WOMAN EITHER. that doesn’t make them a King or a Queen or a saint or whatever comparison that satisfies one’s ego.

why the hell do you have to tokenize and objectify Muslim women. Can’t they just be like “because some women do not feel comfortable shaking hands with men and vice versa”.

Do they have to be someones queen, mother, sister, aunt, grandma, princess?

Can’t they just be individuals with a choice?

(via theuncolonizedmind)
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August 09 2012

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