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October 18 2014



Ya Ya Ya I am Lorde, 
I am Lorde Ya Ya Ya 


I’m feeling good on a Wednesday with the sparkling thoughts

Help me unload the car ya ya ya

And so I push to close the door

Of the stall you’ve made for me to keep me away

And now we push, push to stand together

Because I am Lorde

Ya Ya Ya 

Ya Ya Ya I am Lorde,

I am Lorde Ya Ya Ya 

Ya Ya Ya I am Lorde

Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya

I am Lorde

Ya Ya Ya

Damn this song is ACTUALLY addictive

September 16 2013

6147 26cd
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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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June 06 2013

Aaaaaw you wanna learn how to walk? WELL FUCK YOU! *push*
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April 28 2013


March 03 2012


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