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April 28 2015



when you run out of memes

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November 02 2014


October 17 2014

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Artist | Michael Mettier

For anyone interested... This is located at the Art in Paradise Museum in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are many really cool forced perspective paintings there. http://www.chiangmaiartinparadise.com/

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October 05 2014


May 24 2014

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April 21 2012

Sadly her role in the series isn't that epic, though her character is lovable. And Leomon just HAS to die first.

December 14 2011


The retarded comic artist in me is always looking for character development inspiration whenever I travel.

ok this is Suharto Hellerosa who’s the current postmaster of Zentrum in my story. The Hellerosas are of Greznaian-Javanese descent.

So that’s why I finished doodling this today. Suharto vsdapper puppet because I’m still sad that I wasn’t able to buy it.

“Holy shit I give you life and you stab my face… you little prick.”

Suharto’s the kind of person who doesn’t give a toss about people’s views and feelings but goes batshit when tiny inanimate objects hate him. Can you feel all his emotions here.

December 12 2011



Roadtrip entry from Valetudo when she's in Indonesia. They went in a puppet museum.

this one is a post on it’s own because the puppets here are amazing. puppets are big in Jakarta culture, much like the Barong of Bali. people find it surprising when i’m interested in things like these, it’s not hard to imagine why. the stories behind every puppet and every act is different, you could learn a lot about the country’s history and culture through them. i couldn’t remember all their names, sorry ;; they’re so different from the Malaysian puppets, they come in all shapes and sizes.

i like this one because it’s literally giving me a very big clawed third finger. good puppet.

my sister likes this one because she said “it’s dressed like a badass”. ok..

you can tell that i like everything here because errybody has sharp teeth and claws and looks funny.

the white-faced one is Hanuman, which i recognize because the malaysian version has it too.

“check out my weird-shaped mofo dragon”

i don’t want to mess with this guy. a belt of corpses is serious business.


these puppets are part of a series that aired in jakarta in the 1980s, titled ‘Si Unyil’. i like how the other characters have names like Unyil or Nenek Sihir but the guy is just called Penjahat meaning bad guy… lol.

i wasn’t expecting this at all.. seriously. some of the other tourists didn’t dare to go near them because of phobias?? the locals use them to dance around during special occasions. 

orgy puppet, now i’ve seen everything in jakarta….

finally, the curator’s cats just chillin’ and watching over their silent buddies.


So my friend Stephanie said these are her favourites from the puppet museum.. she said they have beards like real men and look badass as fuck and nobody should mess with these WARRIORS. 

Bitch, please. This puppet is dapper as hell and he has THUGS with keris swords.

Obviously this is my favourite puppet in the entire museum.. he’s like the Ken doll of Jakarta ok. I wanted to buy a replica of this but the curator said custom orders would take up to a week so I cried silently, you cannot hold my feels. Next year I’ll go with Andang and stay there for two weeks.

This is an appreciation post for dapper puppet.



September 22 2011

September 19 2011

April 30 2011

Puppets and Strings by aleksandracupcake
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