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April 28 2015

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Protest for Freddie Gray in Baltimore, MD today (4/26). Thousands showed up. This is the seventh consecutive day of protest. (x)

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January 15 2015

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When a Muslim fraternity from the University of Texas at Dallas took to the streets to protest against domestic violence, these striking pictures made waves around the world. Muslim America rocks — we just don’t hear about it often.

Because Islam supports women's rights.
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November 26 2014


November 25 2014


July 14 2014


September 14 2012


July 04 2012

Cartoon by Ioannis Milionis - Feel free to use his image but give Ioannis some credit for his work!
(via Youtube-mp3)
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April 08 2011

Submitted: Egypt protesters demand Mubarak trial - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Thousands gather in Cairo's Tahrir Square, calling for prosecution of the ousted president and his regime.

Oh wow, I thought the guy's already done. Now what happened?

March 25 2011

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