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July 21 2019

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When the copycat book is more expensive than the original

March 19 2015

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Kamila & I discussing about bubble tea & the price difference between mall vendors and street vendors.

She said there are bubble tea with chocolate & cheese toppings, made out of Pop Ice, and we talked about the price differences, and then I talked about the dangers of buying food from random hawker stalls, and how the people of Geneva arent into bubble tea that much but lately more & more bubble tea stalls have opened there.
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November 15 2014

October 18 2014

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i tried to find a dupe for atomic bc im not paying $30 for a lipgloss and i found this etsy store and im just heart eyes emoji. also the store is called fiercemagenta!!!

heres a link for clickin: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FierceMagenta

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August 21 2014


August 13 2014


January 19 2014





Pricelists Industry vs Fandom.

Finally made.

If anyone would care to donate a coloured comic page for the comic industry standard list I’m willing to accept one and will give credit c8 I would’ve made one if I had an example but I don’t -A-

But yes that’s off my chest.

Of course this is based off my own browsing over price lists and how I work unfortunately my commissioner homie went idle so I can’t confirm the most vs the least one can spend.

I’ve only found one artist thus far that charges nearly as close to industry standard. Even then it’s under the standard. As far a I’m concerned anyone under the standard shouldn’t have complaints about expensive art. Fandom average is hardly one you can live by.

Would you like to get paid $30 for 3-7 days worth of work?

Yeah hey, everyone look at this. This is what EVERY artist should be able to charge, even if just the lower rungs.


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January 18 2014

What product or service do you think is ridiculously overpriced?

Copic markers, honestly. I tried collecting them and they cost me half of my entire allowance for one month. Also, non-pirated album CDs of musicians everywhere and oh yes everything sold in tourist attractions. Those things are ridiculously overpriced as well.
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October 02 2013



the guy on the radio just said “gas prices aren’t so bad if you consider you’re really buying liquid explosive dinosaurs” and my perspective on life is forever changed

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January 26 2013

Not sure if price placement fail or win
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November 20 2012

iCoffee for iDiots
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May 09 2012


August 29 2011

Not that it's a competition or anything.
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June 18 2011

Ok... this took away my appetite for fruit salad now.
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