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December 23 2014

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Imagine Hiro and his friends giving Baymax Christmas presents :)

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December 15 2014


I love working at amazon during the holidays because you get to see all of the things people order for Christmas. It’s fun thinking that the little froggy rainboots you just shipped out will make some toddler miles away squeal with delight, or the earrings you just stuck in a box will earn a kiss. 

but then you box a huge black dildo shaped like a fist.

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June 18 2014


December 23 2013

Which gives you the most pleasure - giving presents or receiving them?

depends. i like giving presents more just so I can see the delighted looks on their faces when I give them presents, but if I'm given a present that I've ALWAYS wanted, then receiving said present feels way better than giving presents.

And now some stuff from Ghea because it's creepy that someone asked her this & a few months later another someone asked me a similar question

ghea temenku mau ulangtaun oktober nanti, trus kan dia pngn skali instax cam, jd sm tmn2 yg lain dia mau disurprisein pake hadiah instax cam. nah, ak gk bgtu prlu instax cam tapi berhubung gara2 tmnku yg satu ini mau dikasih, kenapa aku jadi mendadak jeles ya? apa ak cm iri sm treatment yg dia dpt?

Hmm bisa jadi kamu jealous sama perlakuan temen-temen terhadap dia and not so much on the item itself. I think it's normal sih ngeliat orang lain diperlakukan agak istimewa dikit kitanya juga pengen ikutan digituin haha

jd gmn biar aku ga jealosh lagi? tell my frnd the truth? ntar dia ketauan kalo mau dihadiahin instax cam...

Aduh apa ya....you can tell your friends about your feelings so they'll understand? Jangan kasih tau ke temen kamu yang mau dihadiahin instax because the truth is it's not her fault (dan biar gak ngerusak surprisenya juga haha). Dan mungkin agak subtly bilang ke temen-temenmu kamu pengen juga digituin nanti di hari ulang taunmu? :)

mksh ghea... i hope u gt a boyfriend thats into d same rock bands n anime as u...

You're welcome!

gheeee mau instax cam rilakkuma nggak?

Pengen tapi nggak pengen-pengen amat. Kenapa emang?
A few months later I got these


Lha... lha kok aku? Itu kan temenku yang dapet hadiah Instax cam Rilakkuma dari temen2 kita yg lain! Lagian jauh bgt lagi, ultah dia kan Oktober & ultahku Mei, kok bisa ketuker?
Pengen sih Instax sbnrnya tp bukan yang Rilakkuma, yang biasa aja boleh... atau kalo gak yg Minion Despicable Me atau Baymax.

Oooouuuuuhhhh ya udey. U dk deserve an instax cam, i just know!!!

why? im not even good in taking pictures. my camera has autofocus ._.
Theoretically I have an instax though, a regular green one. Got it when I went out with Fareda on that sushi restaurant & I gave her the red one cuz I felt that she deserved it

Bohooooong itu cuma gambar aja! You deserve a REAL instax sist!

GAK, SUMPEH PERASAANNYA BENERAN aku ngerasa jalan2 beneran ama dia djkfhskjdhsdf
eheheheh... aaaw thanks for saying that :'] tbh aku gak perlu banget2 instax. I prefer my phone camera, bisa disave, bisa diprint, & kalo lagi iseng bisa diupload ke Minus, Molome, Photoplay etc. (Minus is where my main photo galleries are tho) kalo emang mau dikasih Instax ya... yang Darth Vader aja deh, boleh kan?

Gapapa! Instax cam viar foto2nya jadi kenangan instan gausah pake print2. Old skool gitu looo

gausah deh. i'm a crafty person jd kalo mau bikin foto2 polaroid dari fotoku yg dari hape, tinggal print aja habis gitu terserah design framenya kayak gimana & cut & paste & hang them on the wall. TA-DA!

September 06 2011

My original status on facebook :
12 years ago, on my birthday everyone gave me typical gifts like diary books, drawing books, color pencils and gel pens cuz they know me as that kid who likes writing and drawing. A month later, my friend gets a MUTHATRUCKIN' PAIR OF SHOES WITH SKATES HIDDEN UNDERNEATH THE SOLES.
They were 'in' in the 2000's and I wanted one badly. So bad that I had to pretend that the shoes I'm wearing have wheels in them and slid with them on school grounds until the back soles wear out. So badly that I actually drew a comic about magic pills that can gave you whatever you want and cure one's envy, which I used to get those roller-skates/shoes and show off in front of that said friend whom I envied.
It's 2014 now and I'm afraid this whole incident would repeat all over again. Except it might not be necessarily swiss-army-knife-roller-skates.

Tina: daaaaw

Me: everyone remembered me as "that kid that likes to draw and stuff & never asked for cool stuff" *sigh*

Tina: but you do want cool stuffs

Me: I KNOW. Thats what everyone else back in my class never realize! ugh.
i actually naturally don't want cool stuff, BUT when someone else gets a cool stuff I automatically will try hard to get the same cool stuff because I'm a muthaflippin' envious copycat like that.

It's like when I get something cool & expensive I go like "aww new man stahpit it's too much" but when someone else gets something cooler Im like "DAMMIT I MUST HAVE THAT". My wants are always triggered by what someone else has.

Tina: one word ra.... GREEEEEEED

Me: NO. Still envy. I am far from greed. Envy just wants what other people have. Greed wants EVERYTHING.

Tina: but u saw smthng cool and u want it... so u want it

Me: no, I saw something cool that is OWNED BY ANOTHER PERSON. So I want it. if I saw something cool in the store I won't necessarily want it

Tina: same thing u know.. but then again, depends on what kind of stuffs u see owned by someone else right?

Me: not at all, theres a line & it's not even a fine line.
Imagine you go to a store & you see iPhones & Samsung Galaxy phones along with other brands. You want to buy them all. YOU WANT TO OWWWWWN THEM ALL.


Imagine you go to a store & see all these phones & said "eh, I still have my HTC chacha" but Kevin walks in with his Sony Xperia Z2 and you saw his Z2, and YOU WANT his Z2 so you wanna buy another Z2 from the shop. Just the Z2 and not everything else because you want to have a Z2 just like his.

God Tina I need to teach you more about the seven deadly sins description

Tina: Lawyered by Rara

Me: you just been Rara'd

Kevin: Justice is Served.
Lets call it Envreed. The borderline of Envy and Greed.

Me: Envreed sounds like a handsome name

Tina: I approve Envreed

Kevin: Aw yiss

Me: "and jealousy's the cousin, the cousin of greed" - Cute is What We Aim For's song 'The Curse of Curves... but they say jealousy tho not envy

Tina: i suddenly smell KFC... wat?

Me: Someone brought KFC inside the hostel maybeh

Kevin: Tina is awakening her "N" Genes

Me: i hope someone brought a watermelon along with them

Tina: i want papayas

Me: we should chop watermelon n papaya & top it with squeez-cheese & eat it like cheap-ass fruit salad

Tina: I prefer raw papayas

Kevin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXDPb3kdcdA

Me: dafuq did I just watch?

Kevin: Watermelons!

Tina: its night and u make m watch this?

Kevin: Don't worry, no watermelons gonna assault you at night.

Me: But slenderman's fart will

Tina: LOL


Tina: Sian Slendy

Me: Kembung gara-gara masuk angin

Tina: tu la, berdiri lagi di hutan malam2

May 30 2011

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