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May 17 2019


October 16 2014

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For Halloween this year target wants to give people heart attacks.

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June 25 2014


March 03 2014


August 12 2013





‘got herself pregnant’ is the dumbest phrase in the world like forreal if it was possible to get pregnant by ourselves we’d have eaten all the men long ago

it actually is possible to get pregnant (without the sperm of a man whatsoever) using bone marrow from another woman! a child conceived this way can only be female so actually, men are entirely useless. fun fact

let’s begin the feast (◉‿◉✿)

(vía priddyproginoskes)

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August 28 2012

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August 22 2012


I have made an Adventure Time break through! 

In the last episode, we found out that *dun dun dun* Lady is pregnant

But remember Jake’s 15 tier plan? 

“And here she lets you touch her horn for the very first time”

hmm. Lady has a horn….

“And here she let’s you discover all 15 feet of her beautiful stomach” 

I don’t know how long Lady is, but I can only assume there’s at least 15.

Really Jake?

Why didn’t you stay away from tier 15? Hmmmm.

good job Jake. 

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March 07 2012

If pregnant women get to do it, so do they
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September 27 2011

Well at least she knows now...
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