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June 30 2015


March 12 2015

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Swag on 9000 during salah

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March 01 2013



Imam Hashim Raza leads prayers during a funeral at the al-Fatima Islamic Center in Colonie, New York for Mohsin Naqvi, a U.S. Army officer killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

What Western media won’t show you.

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August 20 2012

Eid Prayer from Gaza, Palestine
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July 31 2012

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Shalat itu lebih baik daripada tidur

May 23 2012

How to achieve tranquility in a prayer - infographic by Islamographic
Oh boy, the hardest part in praying.

September 17 2011

Dream 9-4-2014

There was an event at the colosseum (the place felt like the Limkokwing colosseum) n we had a mass prayer but halfway, my two teenage sisters got their period n they couldnt continue their prayers (or was I the one who got my period n couldnt continue while my two sisters continued, i forgot) and in the blink of an eye, we got back to my grandparents' place cuz everyone's getting ready for bed.

When i got out of the room i saw Santana Lopez from Glee recording her voice for a metal/post-rock band cuz she was asked by them to be featured in one of their songs. I suddenly grew envious cuz thats what I always do, recording my voice but for my own songs, and theyre alternative rock ones. I offered her to record the screamo effect if she wants to, but she declined, saying the metal band already provided the growl-screaming vocals.

I sat down n thought, now I know how Rachel Berry feels, as I peered over at Santana using one of the laptops to design the song's album cover, to my surprise.

All i could think of was 'I couldve done that, I was supposed to be doing all that'.

August 08 2011

Prayers by lulu2222
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