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January 18 2014

Flipping Nature's Tables
Thought I might do something doodlish and whimsical again. And obviously this is inspired by Foster The People's "Supermodel" album art but since this is traditional art I can't really do a perfectly crisp one. Plus, without a scanner, this is a pretty good shot that I had of it.

The writings that the owl shouted out… it took a mindless brainstormed creative writing thoughts. I wasn't exactly sure of what the theme's gonna be but ended up with the idea of someone being clueless about their surroundings while growing up, and once they're matured and aware, they flip the tables and make the bad guys fear them instead of fearing the bad guys.
Not sure why apples, cats and mice are in the bg.

Step-n-by-step in my art blog
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September 14 2013

I'm probably not the only one who thought "why do Jews stroke a wall when they pray" & "why do Christians sing when they pray" and then I thought there are people out there who think "why do Muslims exercise on a mat when they pray"
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August 07 2013

Pray For Syria
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May 23 2012

How to achieve tranquility in a prayer - infographic by Islamographic
Oh boy, the hardest part in praying.

April 16 2012

Pray for Sumatera April 11 2012 by mongkih

November 25 2011



Muslims to NYPD: ‘Respect us, we will respect you’

Hundreds of Muslims prayed in a lower Manhattan park and marched to New York Police headquarters Friday to protest a decade of police infiltrating mosques and spying on Muslim neighborhoods.

Bundled in winter clothes, men and women knelt as the call to prayer echoed off the cold stone of government buildings. 

“Being Muslim does not negate our nationality,” Imam Talib Abdur-Rashid told the crowd of about 500 gathered in Foley Square, not far from City Hall and local courthouses. “We are unapologetically Muslim and uncompromisingly American.” (source)

November 19 2011

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