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July 10 2015


July 07 2015



when you hold a boy’s dick you hold all of their power. they are powerless. you can either give them an orgasm or destroy them.

You could finish him or finish him

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August 19 2014

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June 27 2013

young people brought together through the power of comics!
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January 13 2013


November 19 2012

‎It is not religion dividing us! It is the world's elite in power!
— Kristen Wolfe
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May 23 2012


April 26 2012

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The power of Facebook likes
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March 24 2012

Rainbow Power by k3-studio
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March 07 2012

how did they do that when they have no fingers?
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October 04 2011


The Green Seamless Solution To Solar Panels Is Blue: Solé Power Tiles

Solar panels are not very attractive additions to one's roof.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for energy savings and I have to admit to having two solar panels on my own tile roof, but they distract from its natural beauty.  That's just a fact. 

So I was just waiting  for an invention like SRS Energy's new Solé Power Tiles that can be seamlessly integrated with a tile roof.  Solé Power Tiles are a beautiful green solution, but they're blue. 



SRS Energy teamed up with US Tile to integrate its polymer tiles into the size and shape of US Tile's clay tiles, so that the complete results would show a seamless interface.  Believe it or not, a good part of the tiles on the roof above are real clay tiles, glazed blue, while only about 20 percent of the roof is Solé Power Tiles.

Here's how the set-up works...




It looks much better than the raised solar panel on the right.



But you have to want a blue tiled roof;  Otherwise, the Solé Power Tiles look like this...



And then you've got some blue tiles sticking out like a sore thumb on a beautiful rustic red clay tile roof.  Understand you also have to replace your entire roof to get Solé Power Tiles.

So, I'm waiting for the next invention: solar tile roofing that can be purchased after market and can, at least, blend with the roof I spent a fortune on already.

http://inventorspot.com/articles/blue_roof_37037 - Source

March 21 2011

Who wouldve guessed the Beatles are secretly superheroes...
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February 12 2011

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