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February 02 2015

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Disney Characters - standing against prejudice and injustice


Bonus (Deleted Scene):


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June 22 2013

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world history

In one sentence

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January 01 2013

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Can we appreciate John Smith here for a second? He’s so into it.


it’s like zac efron in hsm2 during “bet on it”

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December 24 2012

September 15 2012


The Pocahontas Myth






Pocahontas was harshly criticized by Chief Roy Crazy Horse as historically inaccurate and offensive for glossing over more negative treatment of Pocahontas and her tribe by the English. He claims that Roy Disney refused the tribe’s offers to help create a more culturally and historically accurate film.

You can read his entire statement on the subject, which includes the factual story of Matoka, or “Pocahontas” as she was nicknamed,here, on the official website of the Powhatan Renape Nation.

I recommend reading the above linked piece- it’s pretty short, but will give you a very clear understanding of the history/the accurate account v. the myth/Powhatan response to the movie.

I knew the true story but I never knew that it was made up by Smith. So in reality there is not story at all. Just a white guy with a big mouth. Big surprise. As much as I love the Disney movie, this makes me want to punch Disney in the face because they could have told an even better story of colonialism.

I never even let my girls watch this movie when they were younger. Between knowing I’m going to have to set them straight when it comes to American History class and all the other b.s. they are going to be fed regarding history in school, I figured it was one less thing I had to correct. 

I knew she actually married John Rolfe the tobacco farmer, but I didn’t know about the rest.

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July 13 2012



Why does it seem like everyone forgets about Kida, Pocahontas, and Mulan? All 3 of those princesses, though mostly forgotten, were never trying to find love, though they did find it in the end. Kida wanted to help her people/learn more about how to help them. Pocahontas also wanted to help her people and also wanted to stop a war from breaking out. Then Mulan wanted to find out who she really was/wanted to make her father proud of her. Everyone forgets about these wonderful princesses and it’s a shame because their strong, beautiful, and smart; plus they can kick some butt. 

Cuz we BROWN y’all… so so brown….

Therefore, we don’t exist lol

It only counts when it’s a White girl.

This is what irks me. MULAN ESPECIALLY. She did everything so she could save her father from death. Their was absolutely no romantic motivation involved. All other three princesses up above fit this as well.

Guys…was Belle or even Ariel at first looking for someone to love?

Was Jane?

How about Jasmine?

I don’t think any of them were looking for love.

Jasmine just started out wanting free from a life where she was told what to do.

Ariel wanted to be part of a different world, because she felt like an outcast and felt the human world would accept her more.  (she wanted to be human BEFORE she met Eric thank you).

Belle felt like no one understood her, and she even said in her song, she wants something beyond her, something bigger than her, something so big that she can barely even fathom it (that’s deep)

Belle: I want so much more than they got planned.

Heck she also wants a friend who would understand and accept her.  She noted how she didn’t have any friends in town, and in her I want song, this…

Belle: If someone could understand…

She wasn’t looking for romance.

Jane was looking for the gorillias for her and her father to study.

Oh and here’s an old school disney princess for you.


Was she looking for romance? NO! She wasn’t honestly.  She just went to that party because for once in her life she wanted to have fun, not being told what to do, and enjoy herself for once.  She wanted to do something for once, something she wants to do.

She met the prince and love at first sight happened there.

Megera only wanted freedom from Hades.

And how about Rapunzel from Tangled.  She only wanted to go outside for once, to see the lights.  Love wasn’t on her mind either.

So yeah….screw you media.


This is why I fucking hate the media, they twist everything around.

You don't say.

June 10 2012


May 12 2012

I can't really see this pairing going on, but maybe Gargul the Oracle & Grandmother Willow would make good friends

March 29 2011

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Avatar & Pocahontas - the SAME DAMN movie.
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