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February 15 2015


Lately I have had a minor obsession with scouring YouTube for glimpses of the magnificent Cheshire Cat from the Royal Ballet’s Alice in Wonderland. Most of the above gifs come from here but the top one comes from here. You can also see the cat going to pieces here.

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September 17 2013

Who would you cast to play you in a movie?

either Ayu Ratna from Garasi or that short-haired chick from Virgin(s?) (i forgot the band's name). but please not Gigi from Cherrybelle unless if she can really act tough, weird and super awkward, n not extra kawaii
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May 14 2013


May 10 2013


February 08 2013

Playing with snow on the ground lvl: guitarist
(via Handimania)
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January 19 2013

Escape is set in a future where power-harvesting technologies are economically viable. Here, play is compulsory because schools have seen fit to offset the high cost of fossil fuels via energy harvested from the activity of children.
The cost of electricity becomes so inflated that electrically-powered play is in fact an endangered past time. To the point that the main character, Essie, steals energy from a fellow student so that she can later animate her own pretend world, which is… entirely dependent on electric power.
(via LivingClimateChange)
Free Ride
in here, we witness a day in the life of the protagonist Essie, where she’s a young girl on a mission, following her whims (and defending her honor) along the way. In the end, Essie is a timely reminder of 12-year-old Severn Cullis-Suzuki who, in 1992, spoke to U.N. delegates at Rio’s Earth Summit from a youth perspective, and “silenced the world for 6 minutes.”
(via LivingClimateChange)

October 23 2012

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haha I’ve been just doing this with PlayRadioPlay! songs XD

"This song.. I like it... ANOTHER!" *smashes iTunes*

October 11 2012


August 28 2012

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Tags: gif play mind swing
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August 22 2012

Why I Play - Lumosity.com

June 12 2012


May 28 2012

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Dude's got BASS HANDS
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May 15 2012

Hi Slug... I wanna play a game.
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March 27 2012

Cat versus Human:
And it all ends up under the stove anyway.
Funny I used to collect stuff like that for the purpose of recycling.
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February 17 2012

False promise
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November 14 2011


October 06 2011


April 30 2011


February 26 2011

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