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January 29 2018

September 29 2014


March 23 2014


December 11 2013

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so this guy right here is one class-a asshole

he stated, as above, that he had created this artwork

after he gained 100s of RTs and favs, it appeared on my timeline and i recognised it as the work of Vince Low, who created a series of pieces in this style, paying homage to celebrities, mainly actors, with dyslexia

I read through the replies to his tweet, including “wow”s and “i’m so jealous of your art skill”s, and only spotted one other person who realised this was in fact not this guy’s art, though he completely dismissed this person’s comment saying “that guy stole my picture”……

so, me already being sick of this art theft shit, as i see it every day on the web, piped up

and you can read above (excuse the bad quality) that he completely dismissed me, saying i was “jealous”


what angers me most is that he’s getting praise from 100s of people, and they will keep praising him because they won’t see the tweets where me and the one other person pull him up on it


some may say i’m overreacting, and that i shouldn’t use such foul language, but i am completely sick of this bullshit. i’ve had this happen to me in the past, and it made me less inclined to create art to share on this site.

when you create something you’re proud of, that you put a lot of work into, and someone credits it as their own and people believe them and continue to praise them, even after they’ve been shown proof that they’re lying.. it is one of the most crushing things to ever experience, i know.

so if you experience something like this, it may not make a difference, but you need to at least try to expose the assholes and voice the truth

and please signal boost!!!

we need to try and stop this bullshit, because it is a serious issue.

it gets less better.

There have been death threats given too. Sheesh WHAT IS IT with people and giving death threats these days on the internet? This is called over-bashing someone cuz sure, this guy's being a dick and doing an act of plagiarism until even the original artist called him out (and he's probably just playing a sarcastic joke to see if people actually know it wasn't him who drew the rowan atkinson pic) and yes, he deserves to be called out but not the abusing and death threats. It may seem that we're all doing what's right but once we OVERDID what's right...

And it's twitter. pictures easily get washed away with newer tweets after loads of times.

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October 25 2013

What will you never do?

plagiarize. ok look im a copycat and i copy people's ideas now and then but i would NEVER take someone's idea and claim it as my own, thats shameful. it's also a form of stealing and i'd never steal.

January 31 2013

But copycats also have a way of flattering people who take it differently. You should feel good that you are talented and popular enough to actually have copycats...not saying theyre a good thing though.
— ~Thavron0112

These words. They're really true. Think about it, copiers only copy the best and whom they think are attractive to them. Either that, or I'm just dedicated to this stupid job playing dare n daring myself to copy attractive arts, which is really idiotic. I dunno why some people just got that style of art that create urges in people to do the same thing. They also wanna try doing that. Juz trying, even if it means getting busted.

Not all copycats are annoying. Yeah most of them are, but they have this pure weapon of flattery they use to attack other artists so they'd feel flattered. But this so-called purity has always been damaged by extreme annoyingness, outnumbering, maybe even taking control. Yep unfortunately these copiers can't learn to stop their habits, but oh well soon enough they will n become great artists. p.s. we give credit. If someone doesn't give credit then it's plagiarism, its bad, it's stealing art.

August 02 2012

An interview with Chua, the bassist of Kotak regarding SNSD's cancelled tour to Jakarta whether caused by Cherrybelle's plagiarism or not.
(via TwiboyIndonesia)

October 09 2011



So here is the story,

A few months ago I purchased an 'obey' print, titled Nouveau Black, (link to print on obey site) I thought it was rather beautiful.

Then a few days ago my roommate was flipping through a Koloman Moser (wikipedia link) book, and found the exact same artwork, only it wasn't done by Shepard Fairy.

Propaganda huh!

"Ver Sacrum" is the title of the piece, it was done in india ink, in 1899.

The picture above is the obey poster hanging in my room, with the book (amazon book link) turned to the page of the original artwork. so we did some photoshop work of our own and with a little tugging and pulling we found that the original Moser fit quite perfectly on top of the obey print.

Maybe we need some new Slogans.....

"steal art not guns"

"make photocopies, not war"

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May 31 2011


Graphic Design Plagiarism & Rip-Offs

The ‘originals’ are on the left or on the top.

Illustration for Magazine and Myspace Ads

Graphic design plagiarism

Album Covers

Graphic design plagiarism

Graphic design plagiarism

Graphic design plagiarism

Concave Ad

Graphic design plagiarism

Graffiti to Store Signage

Graphic design plagiarism

Graffiti Letter Style

Graphic design plagiarism

Two clothing brands

Graphic design plagiarism

Nissan vs Btoy

Graphic design plagiarism


Graphic design plagiarism

Jaws Tshirt Design

Graphic design plagiarism

Designs to Tshirts

Graphic design plagiarism

Cool Tapes TShirt

Graphic design plagiarism

Art photography used by Adult Company

Graphic design plagiarism


Graphic design plagiarism

Advertising Campaign

Graphic design plagiarism

Disney reuses Disney

Graphic design plagiarism

Graphic design plagiarism

Source: http://current.com/12do24c

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