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February 15 2015



Thrillophilia, an online marketplace for tours and activities, compiled a list of countries, cities, and destinations that many of us may have been say incorrectly all along. Each graphic features a side-by-side comparison of the common, incorrect pronunciation juxtaposed with how the locals say it.

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August 05 2013

Where is the most fun place you have ever been?

probably waterslide parks... and archery arenas in malls?

fictionally, the places we traveled to when Tina and I went on a so-called hunt with Owl City in THIS fanfiction http://lousyeggheadstakingover.smackjeeves.com/owlcelerfanfic and Fall Out Boy were there too in Barbaloot costumes.

May 06 2013

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Europe, just fucking stop it.

(Source: passengersgazette, via daisyloveletters)

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April 19 2013

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Travel Channel Presents - The Most Terrifying Places In America 5.


March 31 2013

What's the furthest from home you've been?

Look I've been in 3 countries, so if I'm staying at one country I'd be far away from the other two either way. But if you're talking about general places then I guess I had to say when i'm staying at a hotel on a road trip. With either family or friends, it was more than once.
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November 05 2012


"Out of Place" are artistic and humorous photomanipulations by Robert Rickhoff.

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October 30 2012

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The Doctor in the Box
Oh, the time and places you'll go...
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March 28 2012

Places that cats sleep in but shouldn't
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March 24 2012


October 25 2011


October 07 2011

Kawaii Not - Not A Chocolate Chip
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July 31 2011

May 25 2011

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