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July 05 2015



2 years ago I discovered that if you increase the pitch of Brendon Urie, he sounds like Phineas 

January 16 2014

Frozen x Razia's Shadow: Team Up
I felt that Anna, Kristoff and Elsa's lovelife state is quite similar to Adakias, Anhura and Pallis. The younger sibling with their significant other, happily in love and believing in true love,. and the older sibling who puts their job before their lovelife cuz they don't believe in true love so much. So this crossover was made. And gosh dang it sometimes I fail to make the characters' dialogues precisely in-character with them.

Suddenly Jack Frost & Pitch Black because come on you guys saw it coming.

Razia's Shadow © Forgive Durden
Frozen © Disney & Pixar
Rise of the Guardians © Dreamworks

January 11 2013


December 18 2012


December 06 2012

9411 c822
Omg Hades accepting Pitch... is this really happening?! XD I can just imagine them being bros, with the same hairstyle & all.
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November 28 2012

Rise of the Guardians - Jack and Pitch sketches by Kaira-Hiwatari
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