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May 28 2015

December 13 2014



So, my iPod does this fucking genius factory thing where it forgets which artwork goes with which album and it makes guesses. Because it’s pretty sure I won’t notice.

Needless to say, I noticed.

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October 30 2014

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March 04 2014


December 29 2013

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This picture ruined my life for at least 5 minutes.

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November 19 2013







 in this book i’m reading it says “he plucked a flower and stuck it in his buttonhole” and i completely misread it and now im laughing im actually 5 years old

i misread this too


What has happened to our world? Has it become so subjugated to sex and — OHH! Another episode of boku no piko

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November 04 2013

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everything is doge

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October 02 2013


August 31 2013

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I don't see a camera to add pic in my answer. Is it because I'm using my ipad
yes probably. im using the android app and i still see a camera icon on the bottom left

August 25 2013

I fucking love science:
This is a picture of the Orion nebula as you’ve never seen it before. It was taken with a new camera that allows telescopes on Earth to counteract the effects of atmospheric distortion, creating images twice as sharp as the Hubble space telescope. That makes this one of the sharpest pictures of the cosmos ever taken. 

The new technology works so well, scientists report “it’s almost like having a telescope with a 21-foot mirror in space.” For comparison, Hubble’s primary mirror is not quite 8 feet in diameter (2.4m).

Learn more: http://bit.ly/178SpCZ

Image credit: Adam Block/UA SkyCenter
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June 19 2013



Baby thinks she can eat food from the magazine

babies are so dumb

Actually, this baby is showing some pretty amazing reasoning skills. She recognizes that food is something she eats, that the picture is food, and she should therefore be able to eat the thing in the picture. She is thinking and learning.

Never judge a baby.
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January 23 2013


January 12 2013

The Retinex Theory was devised by Edwin Land in 1977. It is sometimes also known as the Land Effect.

Colour constancy is the well known tendency for an object to always appear to have the same colour, no matter what the viewing conditions are. In other words a bright red post box appears red by daylight, by moonlight, and even under sodium street lights.

According to Land, we decide the colour of something by comparing its ability to reflect short, medium and long wavelengths with that of adjoining objects. Land considered that the eye and the brain (the retina and cortex) form a single optical system, which he called the retinex.

Have a look at the picture above. What colours do you see? Red, range, green, yellow, brown maybe? In fact this is a demonstration of the Land Effect, since you are looking at a monochrome red image, with a black and white overlay. The only 'real ' colour here is red. However our brain tends to 'see' other colours being present. The illusion works best under slightly yellow light, in other words direct sunlight is not the best way to view this illusion.
via Vsauce [video here]

January 10 2013


July 18 2012


well, most of you guys have probably seen this on tumblr radar today, but here's my owl..and i hope you like it :)
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June 02 2012

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A picture with a lifetime
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May 17 2012

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Photo above by Fauhyuks. Picture below by HNMtheNEZ

April 20 2012


April 12 2012


March 27 2012

Seriously? I do.
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