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July 25 2014

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May 08 2013

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I found your proof that Grey DeLisle speaks Japanese. XP
She’s the purple haired one, but unfortunately the other one does the majority of the talking. :T Still, really convincing, no? :]
(I just now realized she’d be an amazing English dub for Miki in Shugo Chara!!!! O_O)

Yeah, they do insert some Japanese phrases in the series eventhough it's in English.

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February 06 2013


January 23 2013

You Just Realized:

From left to right:

1. Holy Shit.

2. Reality Sucks.

3. Trust No 1.

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August 23 2011


Repost if you say one or all of these phrases



all of them.

and then people stare at me like

I say each and every one of them :)


 and this.

I always say these…..LIKE A BOSS

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