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February 04 2015



My life everyday in highschool.  

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January 12 2015

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May I just point this dumb thing out? Cuz generally there’s nothing wrong with boys playing with toys that are targeted for girls. It seems like society’s taken this message but (correct me if I’m wrong) only when the toy in question is My Little Pony due to the number of fans. Little boys still got the treatment in the upper panels whenever they’re caught playing Bratz, Strawberry Shortcake, etc.
Also, most of the “insults” in the 2nd panel aren’t even real insults. Little boys logic.

Had this random thought back in Jakarta.

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July 22 2014


May 21 2014


September 21 2013

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I find this a pet peeve. Greatly. Especially when I try to sleep every night with the air con on.
ESPECIALLY the part with the hot neck and back & cold throat and lungs.
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August 15 2013

What habit that others have annoys you most?

OH MY GRORSH. GIVING THE COLD SHOLDER. SILENT TREATMENT. IGNORING PPL FOR N REASON AT ALL. THATS INHUMANE BRAH. aaand smoking indoors probably... cuz of the stink. and why would people smoke indoors anyway, isnt it betterto just smoke outside? and being copyright extremist white-knights too.

July 31 2013

Pet peeve. I find it rude and lazy when people does this. It’s like asking someone the time, and he tells you to go find a clock.
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August 12 2012

What is your pet peeve?

CLICHE SONG LYRICS OMG. Also, copyright extremists & stereotypes (especially offensive racial & religious slurs).
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