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June 01 2019

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And another friend got The Adventurer
Another friend got The Maker
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Took the Adobe My Creative Type quiz & got the same gd result as most of my friends.  P.s. i took the test a second time with different answer n still got the same result.

May 19 2019


May 26 2017


Whatevski 4: Let's Talk Colors

Thanks for being so patient with us, here’s the long-awaited 4th episode of Whatevski from kamiqurra and I, and it’s about colors! Color palettes, signature colors, the effects colors give, and other stuff having to do with colors.

This episode’s shoutouts go to myoo89 , sonified, some of Kamila’s friends whose URLs I do not know, and Donat Madu

June 11 2015


i’m laughing so hard at this email i got from okcupid fuck


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March 23 2015

my opinion on the signs based off personal experience


aries: a lil mean, but only bc they’re not going to pretend they like you at all. they like to have fun, may party occasionally or a lot but even then they like to chill out and read. even if it may seem like they don’t, they love people close to them deeply. wings their eyeliner perfectly 

taurus: lazy food lovers with big hearts. closed-off emotionally unless you’re their close friend, but even then they won’t tell you 100% what’s wrong. they have great smiles and make you feel comfortable around them. they eat a lot of pasta.

gemini: so beautiful naturally. talkative (well, for most, def not all), is the person who you’ve never talked to but you just get this vibe from them that they’re great people and friends that makes you want to talk to them. very funny and cute, knows how to dress well. their voices sound like angels. i luv them

cancer: may be shy, but honestly i have never met a shy cancer. big cuddly babies and will make sure you know they like you everyday if they do. as friends, they’re perfect. they’ll make you laugh so hard and even though they may not be the coolest kid in school, the people who know them believe they are. good lovers and friends.

leo: they are the shit and know it. usually strikingly confident and good-looking. prideful. the most popular kids in school are usually leos. they are down to earth and sweet, but do not get on their bad side they will drop you like it was nothing. will make you laugh endlessly. they’re one of those people who you just met, but make you feel like close friends. easily approachable people.

virgo: weird. just weird as hell, which is why they’re often misunderstood. they’re extremely loyal to their friends, family and lovers. they aren’t judgemental at all, they just come off that way bc they’re shy/antisocial and are usually just observing you and everything you do (in a non-creepy way). positive people, appreciates art if they’re not an artist themselves. 

libra: to me, they’re like gemini. very very friendly and nice people, it can be hard for them to be mean. they tend to be a bit gossipy but don’t gossip about anything too bad or mean. if they love you, they’ll write you letters or draw you pictures. down to earth and sympathizes easily. likes expensive clothing although they may not have much money at all.

scorpio: sexy af. have very pretty, intense eyes and good hair. mysterious and hard to get, they will leave you on the edge of your seat. despite this, they are shy and may come off as innocent, and they can be. once they fall in love, they fall deeply and intensely, bc they’re just very deep and intense people. has the best music taste.

sagittarius: they are the life of the party. they’re adventurous and free-spirited and make the best artists. they’re basically the hippie of the signs. may come off as bitchy but actually likes you, or vice versa. great, loyal friends with big hearts and will come into your life and make it 10x more fun. positive people to be around, they def will make you happier.

capricorn: hard-working balls of joy. so laid back and just goes with the flow. extremely sweet people. may not be popular, actually they are often outcasts, but they definitely shouldn’t be bc they’re some of the greatest people you’ll meet. no one has ever made me laugh as hard as a capricorn has! they are a bit sensitive, so take their feelings into consideration. 

aquarius: even weirder than virgo, but that’s what makes them so fun. says random shit, knows how to make you laugh and are often very good-looking. may be a bit conceited, but that’s just bc they know how great they are. make the best writers. may be a bit clingy towards their friends and lovers, but they just have big hearts and hate it when people leave them.

pisces: my fav sign. they’re always so full of life and up for anything. they make any boring situation fun and are always there for you when you need them. they can be a bit pessimistic, so don’t take it to heart if it’s hard for you to cheer them up bc sometimes they just need alone time. huge hearted lovable people with the biggest and brightest smiles.

NOTE: this is coming from a virgo’s experience! you may think differently of the signs. 

As a Taurus I'd say that description is mostly true for me, and I do love some pasta.
Also from personal experience, I’ve got a talkative Gemini coworker (and some less talkative Gemini friends) and both my Cancer sisters started out shy. I dont know why when it comes to envy and copying, most of my envied/copied victims happen to be Libra, and sometimes my copycat allies are mostly Aquarius. I do enjoy the company of Aquarians and Sagittarians cuz I can be weird with them.

February 22 2015



It’s sucks you know…

When you like someone, and you try so hard not to show it, but your face turn flush red and everyone knows now.

When you try not to show that you are shy, trying not to panic, trying not to scream, trying not to get too over excited, and then suddenly you start to hiccup.

When you’re actually a nice and sweet person, but because your excitement and enthusiasm burst out like a rainbow confetti volcano, and then suddenly other people think you’re creepy, weird and what te fuck.

You try to fit in with the crowd, and at the same time you stay as who you are. In order to fit in.

You know if you burst out crazy fun party dinosaur, other people will go “Dude, what the fuck?”.

So the only circle you’re comfortable bursting out yourself is with your true friends. Whose happy that you release that party confetti dinosaur trapped inside your chest.

It’s hard… I know….

So fuck what other people think.

You’re lucky to have friends and family who’re happy for who you are.

So just be you.

You confetti machine party dinosaur you.

Screw being a unicorn cuz you can be a confetti machine party dinosaur

February 19 2015

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all four

all of the Panic! at the Disco albums in order

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February 12 2015


October 08 2014

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Former Marine turned photographer Joel Parés’ series Judging Americaused real people dressed as stereotypes to remind us to not judge a person based on their tattoos, clothing, ethnicity, profession, or sexual orientation, but on their merits.

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September 09 2014

August 26 2014


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March 23 2014


February 11 2014

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Are you are a good liar? - in59seconds

So... it seems like I am an introvert & I suck at lying just cuz the Q is drawn backwards... I'm used to writing stuff backwards when it requires other people facing me to see my writings.
But I still have no clue why the direction of the Q's tail has anything to do with someone's lying skills.
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August 16 2013




a lot of fedora-type dudes don’t actually wear fedoras, you just know them from the way they are. it’s like a personality fedora. an internal fedora

It’s their fedaura.

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