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May 29 2014


April 27 2014


April 20 2014


March 08 2014


December 21 2013

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What does the life you want to live look like?
this life

December 08 2013

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"Simple Plan shakes things up at @warpedau #warpedtour shot by @kanye_lens" - @warpedtour

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November 23 2013

11/20/13 Manchester, UK @ Academy 1 (Photo by Hoeg)
I bet he's singing Girls/Girls/Boys. Lol the mic holder though

November 22 2013

our cover of Image Of The Invisible

Another one of my all time favorite songs, (and probably the only Thrice song I have in my playlist teehee) and to go with the music vdieo, the color scheme is all green and we're all dressed like soldiers. I remember when I was 14 watching this it kinda reminded me of the X-Men movies, and thats probably why I got hooked on to it.

I dunno, the feeling of warfare and everything just feels so badass in this song, and it probably has the same theme as Skillet's "Hero" last time. Well i was supposed to do a lot more action but it only left this much boooooooooooooooo

Image Of The Invisible © Thrice

November 10 2013

our cover of This Isn't Everything You Are (Snow Patrol)

I thought that last Hero comic was gonna be the last one for this year… turns out I still had this to draw out. And I must've used a very faint pen with lesser quality compared to the last one, cuz this looked a bit… umm, faded.

This Snow Patrol song has been stuck in my head for a couple of weeks now. Since this is a sad song I figured the purples and greys are perfect, and the yellows lit up when the optimism blast slowly fade in and fill the scenery, like how the song supposedly goes.
We have an extra member, ~biechung, playing the keytar XD and also because we need 8 people to make 4 pairs of dancing couples

November 08 2013


October 26 2013

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▶ Evolution of Beyoncé - Pentatonix
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October 25 2013

our cover of Hero (Skillet)

Alright, after this I might need to take a break from drawing us perform song covers.

The song is "Hero" by Skillet, and I based the color scheme on their music video. Nobody is topless this time and I probably squeezed the remaining awesome juice in that last Blinded comic so it's not fully poured in this comic.


October 19 2013

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Oct 19

Save Rock And Roll Tour - Fall Out Boy

20:00 Skenoo Hall, Gandaria City, Jakarta, Add this event to a calendar application
See you guys there :>
our cover of Blinded
Decided to do another one of these... and this time, it's one of my all-time favorite songs, "Blinded (When I See You" by Third Eye Blind. I've been talking a lot about this song previously. I decided to pick another set of color palette, this time a slightly-warm cold one.

This time I took over ~myoo89's position as leadsinger... but she joined in anyway and we both formed a duet. And of course, somebody had to play the Icarus part, which has got to be ~ChainofHeavens for no reason. Wax wings melted by the stage lights causing him to fall and crowd-surf... it's PERFECT. Lol the Icarian Sea of crowd though XD

And the part where both me and Tina lying down, one speechbubble got covere behind 'golden' cuz it actually said 'gilded' (which means gold-coated, so the meanings make not much difference anyway). I browsed the lyrics and a lot of lyric sites say 'golden' but listening to the song I've always heard 'gilded' instead.

DRUM SOLO FTW :headbang:

October 11 2013

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"The energy in the crowd has now grown so fierce you could power a city with it. We can't see them but we can feel them. In the dark I see Ray standing vigilant on his side, focused. Bob begins to count out a tempo and Frankie strums the first bars of 'The End', which is ironic because it isn't the end at all... just the beginning."
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October 10 2013

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt lipsyncing Superbass.

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September 22 2013


Frank playing with Reggie and the Full Effect @ Riot Fest 2013


Sources: 1 2 3 4 

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August 24 2013

Pete Wentz:
FOB x FOXES just one yesterday in Leeds. get ready Reading!

August 18 2013

"Reviving the Spirit of Independence Day"
“Every year, the community’s participation seems to get lower and lower,” said Henry Ingkiriwang, a neighborhood chief in South Jakarta’s subdistrict of Kebayoran Baru. http://jglo.be/i3GN

July 12 2013

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THE OFFICIAL Hot Scots drum line - 2011 - Nigel - Talent Show at LHHS








man, I bet those guys got laid that night

Wow I still get the biggest boners over the snare line.

this is tight af

That was fun

they did another one

(Source: marchingbandmadnesss, via now-im-just-somebody-that)

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