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May 20 2012


November 02 2011


Tina: so amin's friend argued with him about this B------->

and amin sed its a penis, but his friend sed its 2 eyes with a long nose and he's reffering to pinnochio XDDDD haha guys’ argument like little boys >_<

Me: It can be either.
if that's a penis thats a tad too sharp and thin. EVERYONE KNOWS PENISES LOOK LIKE 8==D

Tina: exactly! well not amin, i told him this B=====D dude he sed there’s such penis in a porno

Me: oh really

Tina: and he sed "it's like he used penis-sharpener on it"

Me: i've browsed all the male masturbation gifs & videos in tumblr but no such penis looks like the 1st one you showed me. PENIS SHARPENER HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH OHGLOBLOLOLOOL

Tina: exaclty... how is that even possible? or maybe you should google shar penis.

Me: Sharpenis… that sounds like a brand. "Is your penis feeling blunt and a little stubby? Do you wanna have a longer and sharper-looking penis? Well now you dont have to worry, because there's SHARPENIS! With Sharpenis, you can sharpen your penis into any model you like you can make the illusion as if it's longer and sharper and it will increase HER PLEASURE! So what are you waiting for? Get Sharpenis NOW! Call 1800-555-sharpenis

Tina: Sharpies… penis shape sharpies. Ran out of ink? Well ‘fraid no more, just wank the sharpenis pen!..is?… shar-PEN-is.

Me: Dahkfhskdhfksdjf HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

Tina: 9wr8chkp4teto4heg84hgo4egotr what are we doing?!


September 04 2011

Wacom introduces Inkling, a new digital sketch pen that captures a digital likeness of your work while you sketch with its ballpoint tip on any sketchbook or standard piece of paper.

August 07 2011

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Useful for writing AND eating.

May 21 2011

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May 02 2011

April 19 2011

Buying a pen tablet
Friends. They know what's right/best for you.
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March 31 2011

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Korean designer Jinsu Park designed a con­cept pen that adopts the eye­drop­per tool of pho­to­shop for real life. The color picker pen enables col­ors in the envi­ron­ment to be scanned and instantly used for draw­ing. The sen­sor detects the color and matches it to the color dis­play, then the RGB car­tridge located within the pen mixes the inks together to cre­ate the color that has been scanned.
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February 19 2011

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