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March 28 2017

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After doing Queen of the Potties I decided to make a lyric video for this short song, still going with the crayon-y cover art’s style.

Like previously mentioned the song’s taking a jab on the voyeuristic plotlines from my childhood comics. It’s all innocent peeping & innocent mischief, nothing sexual, thus the line “no I’m not interested in seeing you nude, I’m just here to cringe and laugh”. The characters here are based on some Facebook friends though IRL I have no feelings of envy or peeping desire towards them. They just cameo’d randomly here.

At first I compiled everything in Flash but I forgot about how incompetent Flash can get when exporting to Quicktime format, cuz some frames still leave residue and the audio quality becomes blurry, so then I turned to Premiere Pro and it did its job well.

The stills are downloadable as gifs, maybe I’m gonna put it up on Google Drive or something later.

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November 09 2014


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December 04 2012


December 03 2012

Voyeurism. It's even creepier in the woods.
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October 26 2012

Fionna and Cake Comic by Darklordzafiel
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October 02 2012


August 07 2012

If you could be invisible for a day, what would your do?

Sneak inside public restrooms, peek people doing their business. Sneak inside people's bathrooms & peek people taking showers. Rinse & repeat.

July 11 2012

THIS seriously need to happen! Well it did but they were both in different rooms.
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May 21 2012

9821 fc08
Happy pig-nosed turtul be happy
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March 27 2012

Cat versus Human:
You marry me, you marry my cats too.
Apparently cats understand the privacy rule. They just tend to ignore them.
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March 25 2012

Not sure if Saten's only teasing or if she's really being gay.
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how to bother your boyfriend when he's reading comics & lying down
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December 25 2011

One-eyed bird
Tags: owl one eye peeking
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November 11 2011

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