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May 21 2020

Last week was @Ratryoshka birthday! ❤ As a gift, they chose a birthday party with the Them, and I included Death in the scene simply because I headcanon they and Adam became friends after the Nonpocalypse (and because someone had to bring the flaming sword to the party!)
Pepper with the flaming sword, Death & The Them hanging out, I absolutely love it!!! I bet that cake's mint choc chip underneath all that icing Grinning face with smiling eyes
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November 27 2019

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February 22 2015



It’s sucks you know…

When you like someone, and you try so hard not to show it, but your face turn flush red and everyone knows now.

When you try not to show that you are shy, trying not to panic, trying not to scream, trying not to get too over excited, and then suddenly you start to hiccup.

When you’re actually a nice and sweet person, but because your excitement and enthusiasm burst out like a rainbow confetti volcano, and then suddenly other people think you’re creepy, weird and what te fuck.

You try to fit in with the crowd, and at the same time you stay as who you are. In order to fit in.

You know if you burst out crazy fun party dinosaur, other people will go “Dude, what the fuck?”.

So the only circle you’re comfortable bursting out yourself is with your true friends. Whose happy that you release that party confetti dinosaur trapped inside your chest.

It’s hard… I know….

So fuck what other people think.

You’re lucky to have friends and family who’re happy for who you are.

So just be you.

You confetti machine party dinosaur you.

Screw being a unicorn cuz you can be a confetti machine party dinosaur

January 13 2015


The Signs at a Party/Club


Aries- goes the hardest at dancing

Taurus- is the designated driver

Gemini- in the bathroom doing their makeup half the time

Cancer- drinks casually and probably leaves early

Leo- first one to do shots

Virgo- helps clean at the end

Libra- talks shit and is overdressed

Scorpio- either stays sober or passes out drunk

Sagittarius- first one on the dance floor

Capricorn- sticks to their friends and has a good time

Aquarius- breaks something accidentally

Pisces- makes sure their friends are okay but still does shots

November 11 2014

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November 04 2014


October 26 2014


October 03 2014

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October 02 2014

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September 29 2014

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September 04 2014

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August 14 2014


July 18 2014

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June 21 2014

May 24 2014


May 21 2014


April 07 2014


March 29 2014


March 25 2014

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February 23 2014

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