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April 23 2013

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Paramore: Still Into You.
Omgomgomg fun song & fun situation but they sound more pop-ish in this one than the usual dose of rock. Doesn't matter.
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April 19 2013


April 16 2013

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On the set of the 'Still Into You' music video
photo by Lindsey Byrnes
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March 11 2013


February 17 2013

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Paramore: Now [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Now the video meanings.

The most important and the least people could imagine is that the captain and all those struggling against Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor fans represent us, why? Because when the Farro brothers left the band, all the criticism they took Hayley. From there she walked out in the middle of the war, amid the din that people did

What I have called the attention of the video (and not Because people knew its meaning) was Hayley's makeup. Why Hayley has no eyebrows and eyes painted white paint? Because it Symbolizes peace. She on the video itself, Symbolizes peace.

The end of the video, MOST Which is liked by everyone, When the captain Hayley hugs and win the war, she did not want to speak ill of the farro, and That can be solved everything with love.

The way I interpreted the video is that this guy is their enemy, obviously, and all this junk that's he's doing is hard on them and they keep fighting & fighting and keep falling & getting back up. When Hayley gets up and starts walking toward him that's her saying that she's tired of fighting the same thing and she wants to end this, she's going to what started this all, but everything is getting in the way and trying to stop her, but it doesn't stop her and she gives him a hug, forgiving him.

I feel like Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy were apart of a resistance and Hayley represented peace. The boys protect Hayley(the peace) and when she hugs the leader i feel like he is overpowered with the peace(Hayley). Overall i think this is amazing

January 25 2013

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Paramore: Now
Hmm.. they sounds a bit different in this song (and probably their new coming album too).
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January 24 2013

Paramore hanging out with Hulk Hogan
(via Photo by hball1988 • Instagram)
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October 19 2012


September 13 2012

Paramore + You Me At Six
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August 19 2012

July 10 2012

So it came in one set & she's only wearing the pants while those two wore the jacket?

April 22 2012

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Last night's performance. We were doing a cover of Paramore's "My Heart"
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March 16 2012

Her hair's really made out of fire.

January 29 2012

Perfection. Or mind control, whichever.

November 19 2011

More Hyper Hairdye Hayley Hijinks
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September 25 2011


September 04 2011

August 22 2011

Copycontinuations of friends' comics in deviantArt

Iunno, for some reason I liked doing this back in the past. Probably because I suddenly had ideas of what will happen next after the events.

My continuation: Deja Vu much, Frank?

My continuation: Plushie Equals VooDoo Weird

Damn, I screwed up & seemed to make everything lamer... well if not at Count's comic, at least at Putri's comic.

August 01 2011

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