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December 08 2012

Awesome Paper Artworks and Graphic Design By Happy Centro
(via PrintBench)

November 24 2012


[Once Upon a Time] Paper cut & food (c) Griottes.
View more here.
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November 17 2012

Laced white cupcakes
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October 12 2012


Poor Steve.

I FINALLY found out who made this! Ngoziu, sorry for not crediting before. :(

holy shitdick, follow Ngoziu i’ve been creeping on her blog all day. if you like feels of the happy variety follow her. because bro thor is why.

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September 24 2012

Space Paper Typography (c) Jerome Corgier
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La Dolce Vita typography (c) Jamilya Dosmailova
(via Creattica)
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September 22 2012

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Conservation Comics: "Reuse and Recycle Paper" by Heather
This is so adorable...

September 16 2012

HOLY CRAP THIS IS EPIC. What is this sorcery.

September 13 2012

Coffee filter flowers
(via Pinspire)
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September 02 2012

Paper tube tunnel art
(via Pinspire)
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August 22 2012

Brilliant Device Turns Waste Paper Into Pencils

If you often find yourself searching for a pencil, then this clever little device called the P&P Office Waste Processor will keep well stocked by quickly producing them from simple office waste paper. The device gobbles up your paper waste basket contents and spits fully formed pencils out at the press of a button. Learn more after the jump!

August 02 2012

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Paperville by Felicita

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July 26 2012


Delightful Paper Pop-Ups by Jenny Chen

Delightful paper pop ups by jenny chen pop ups paper illustration design animation

Delightful paper pop ups by jenny chen pop ups paper illustration design animation

Delightful paper pop ups by jenny chen pop ups paper illustration design animation

Delightful paper pop ups by jenny chen pop ups paper illustration design animation

Delightful paper pop ups by jenny chen pop ups paper illustration design animation

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July 15 2012

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Office Paper to Toilet Paper - White Goat Paper Recycler

Your office will never waste paper again with Oriental's White Goat machine, which converts normal paper into toilet paper. Simply insert about 40 sheets of paper, and in 30 minutes you’ll receive a freshly made roll of toilet paper. The machine shreds the paper, dissolves it in water, thins it out and then dries it and winds it around a roll. According to Oriental, it costs about 12 cents to churn out one roll.
White Goat goes on sale in Japan this summer and will be priced at $100,000. While the machine will definitely make your business more eco-friendly, there is one snag: Where are you going to store this nearly 6-foot-tall machine?

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June 19 2012



Artist Cecilia Levy uses recycled book pages and glue to make a series of pretty teacups.

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June 09 2012


June 08 2012


June 02 2012

Take a smile
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May 17 2012

Hansol Kim
New papercut works from artist Helen Musslewhite. Each piece is handcut and placed inside a glass dome.
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May 05 2012

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It all makes sense now
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